Religion as a victim’s cure, not a poison!


Just as it becomes a trend to follow something, it also becomes a trend to not follow what is especially being pin pointed as immoral, has lost it’s heydays or simply because the ‘majority’ doesn’t follow it.


Fair that if majority doesn’t accept the ideology(ies) that different religions provide, it’ll be overshadowed with atheism or even pantheism. But is it anyway fair to look down upon or mock those who do still hold on to the conventions, or even superstitions? It’s not that they are blind to your trends, as you are completely to their’s. They rather choose to-

~Not believe in a ‘misconception that religion appears to be,’ to all those who disregard it.

They see beyond those imperfections and know why religion is introduced to us as kids. To sum it up, so that we not just pinpoint and crib about the unacceptable folktales, stories of Granths and epics; but realize that when we face such situations in our own lives, what we choose to do will speak of the difference we comprehended those stories with. If they didn’t have offered us the wrong, you couldn’t have even known the right. This is religion. It doesn’t bound you, it rather opens you up to all different kinds of possibilities.

~Have a system that they can fall back to.

Even when none- not your friends, roommates or family is there for you, you have religion to hold on to. And if you are all out in the wild world, you would know exactly what I’m talking about.

~Have a faith that the friendships, and all sorts of relationships tend to scatter these days. 

And it’s this faith that they choose which makes them see all the world, its people and life’s ups and downs in a positive light.

~To take up the choice.

Those who feel religion is forced upon you and is burdening you, well, if you really decode it you will understand that it always gives you a choice in the form of whatever idol(not in stone but in ideas) you like or whichever guru you relate most to. And the people who choose the actual definition of ‘religion’ do it unconsciously, unintentionally, “without the greed of accumulating everything that we anyway do not own”(The Geeta)

~Know that Vishnu=Ram=Shiv=Hanuman=People

In stories, these images are treated as Gods because they believed in what they did! They are exemplary because they achieved, learnt from mistakes and never gave up on defeat. Just as Amish Tripathi says in his Meluha Triology, ‘Har Har Mahadev’, we take that each one of us has an element of God within. And if a person follows a particular god, guru, principle of any holy book, he does so not because he’s blindly afraid of the ‘idols’ you understand to be; but because it’s an energy that makes you believe in yourself, guides you to mark right from wrong and not simply follow what the majority tells you to. Religion teaches you to respect even if you can’t comprehend, and not mock it simply because you wish to hide your lack of ability to understand it fully.
~And most importantly, by accepting religion, such people choose to accept peace, 

Those who follow religion know that if incomprehensibility can be a God’s aspect as they falter many times, so can it be your’s. Going haphazardly with the crowd and denying even the possibilities of something having a value, that is not yet proved not to have so, is not even a smart, scientific mind. Many would agree.


Note: By demeaning, disrespecting, or mocking religion on the basis of all the misconceptions of a few misled people, one too contributes in selling off the basis of religion. Rather than giving it a purified meaning by reading and applying the best of it, one believe in the misconceptions and give religion the aspect which he dislikes about it in the first place. And if someone is truly against the bounded norms, then shouldn’t he/she step up and free religion from the chains, than merely throwing stones at it?


So when someone tells me that religion is surely set subconsciously in my mind from childhood, I answer that it is because I interpret religion in a new light than entirely doing away with a tradition. This piece of writing is too a result of my conscious taking control over the chosen parts of my ‘idealized subconscious’ and so is my approach to religion, a version of the same choice. So can it be your’s, if you too choose to remove the blocks you yourself have built, to be able to widen your view to all that the world’s religions have hidden within this layer. You will be able to rise above the ‘maya’ that unfortunately you, because of hatred, are too caught into.

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Natasha Negi (Eng dept, Pu Campus)

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