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The season of false policies and hopes is here. Yes, that is right, the season of election is here. “Better food quality in the hostel/ canteen, better furniture in the classroom, a better Wi-Fi campus, better sanitation, updating older editions of books with the newer editions” are some of the things said by almost all the political parties – be it in the PU affiliated colleges or in the Panjab University itself.

The parties seem to follow the trend of “Promises are made to be broken.” Most of the promises made by them are invalid because some of the things that they say to attract the vote of the people cannot be fulfilled by them, even if they manage to come into power.

Things like ‘a full Wi-Fi campus’ is the work of management and these parties can only take the voices of the students to them. In the end, what remains are those unfulfilled promises made by various campus parties and the unsatisfied voters. Maybe, that is why Majority of those industrious and studious people try and stay away from politics, in general, because they believe that there is no use of voting any of the parties because one way or the other, all of them are the same and none of them are going to keep their words, made in the election propaganda.

Here is the thing, why not promise people those things which these parties can actually keep after the elections have ended and they have come to power? Good Sanitation facilities, better transparency in the system and things like these should be promised to a person while trying to attract their vote prior the elections so that it can actually be accomplished if the promising party manages to come to power.

The advantages of making these legitimate promises are as follows,

  1. The parties will be successful in attracting the maximum number of votes, of course, because the voter is no fool to believe them when they say things that everyone knows they cannot accomplish, (We will get a better Wi-Fi campus, seriously?) even if they somehow manage to come to power.
  2. Because if a specific party (suppose) did not make false promises just to attract a few votes, and it kept those promises when it eventually came into power, voters will obviously feel a sense of trust and faithfulness towards that particular party and chances for that party for getting better number of votes in the next election will automatically enhance.

Altogether, if these parties can actually have real agendas in their manifestos, (which, by the way, they will come to understand only when they will have proper interactions with the students) people will be as interested in politics as they are in all the other, important things. I am in the final year of my graduation this time and I can tell you one thing for sure, we are not disinterested in politics altogether, we are just not interested in unrealistic, dirty, ‘just-give-us-the-damn-vote’ politics. Just like we all want a good leader, who can run the country properly and can actually do something for their country not because they have to, but because they want to (that is the spirit of politics, isn’t it? ) we all want a good leader for our college and our university as well, who would do something more than making fake promises and giving us false hopes.

We all want someone who actually wants to transform the way things are, someone who actually wants to be a catalyst for change, someone who will do things that they said they would do.  

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Divisha Singh (DAV College 10)

A turmeric-scented brown girl. Psychology lover. Lover of love. Ambivert. Surviving on hope and Ice-cream. Loves Twenty-one pilot and Jagjit Singh. An annoying sister and loving daughter. You will find me in Chandigarh, constantly failing to meet you. From Banaras, the city of ghats and Shiva. Loves to travel. Amateur Writer.



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