Redefining Fashion- Meher Kaur Cheema

It is being said that Fashion is an instant language” and looks like this girl can speak it louder than others. 
A fashion blogger and a Law-student, Meher Kaur Cheema seems to beredefining standards. And while we stand surprised by her talent, lets see how high can she push the bar. 

Why did you choose to be a fashion blogger ?

It’s so nice, It’s so colourful! You can do with fashion whatever the hell you want to. Its something you can really relate to,I can specially. Even my mom is involved. She’ll design suits and tell me ‘Meher this won’t suit you’.
The best part about this is that I have a rare and different kind of body type because I am broad shouldered. To say, If I wear a specific kind ofclothing, I would look like a wrestler. Its about me or any other woman, having my kind of body structure, being very under-confident because of it. I have to show all they can wear. I have to see things which are wearable inside and outside both. Something in which they look decent enough, it looks good enough, it looks stunning. And I totally give it out to body type. I give them options according to me, rest is upto them.
Where do you see yourself after five years? 
I see myself as a smart lawyer.
Won’t you be continuing this field? 
I would love to but for now, I am doing my Law and I better complete it. When I am done with it, then I can see that my blog goes somewhere really good In fact, I see it going pretty well and I see myself earning out of it a lot more than the law practice. I feel I am good at this, so I have both the options open.
Message to people who want to go for fashion blogging.
Go ahead no matter how fat you are, no matter how skinny you are or how tall or short you are, it doesn’t matter. You are suppose to give out style statements and it isn’t about how you look. Just be yourself. Just give it to the world and show them what you are.
Want to see more of this fashion-ner work? Follow her instagram account, Wiggly_Wiggles 

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