Red tapism


For a change, Indians have something in abundance that Americans or residents of other developed countries do not have i.e patience. Being lucky enough, every Indian has become habitual to waiting in endless lines. Poor governance provides Indians with a lot of opportunities to nurture the quality of patience, the reason being, RED TAPISM. Red tapism refers to the filling out of paper work, obtaining licenses and various other rules that make conducting one’s affairs slower, which can be largely seen in every corner of governmental departments. Its presence at high levels seeps into bureaucracy thus, forming a vicious circle. The major reason behind red tapism is not always money, rather there are various other reasons such as jealousy, discrimination on the basis of caste, color, creed etc. No matter how many governments change – no

matter how many years passed to our freedom but our struggle continues. We need to cut the red tape, by reducing the unnecessary bureaucracy stemming from the Indian law. There is an urgent need to do away with the perception of Indian system, where red tapism is frequently referred to as ‘sarkaari-kaam’, which makes people fearful due to which they resort to corrupt means in order to overcome the fear of rejection. There is an urgent need to end red tapism owing to the fact that it is one of the major reasons for hindering the economic growth of our country. As, every new scheme gets hindered in terms of red tapism- and eventually kills the larger objective for which it was initiated. There should be transparent decision making following a uniform civil code should be promoted that simplifies the legal procedures.After all, a country can progress only when we end red tapism.


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Bhavya Gaind (SD College Chandigarh)


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