Reasons why you simply can’t hate Dhoni


A batsman who can change the game single handedly even without boundaries, a wicket keeper who responses faster than the blink of an eye, a leader who commands respect both on and off the field, and a role model for young players.
He is none other than the Godfather of Indian Cricket Mahendra Singh Dhoni. From an explosive cricketer sporting a stylish hairstyle to Captain cool who has achieved all the possible laurels for the country, here is why Dhoni will always remain a Champion.

1) From Football to cricket
He is one player who never dreamt of being in the cricket team when he was a child because he didn’t even know how to lift the bat. He used to play football and used to be the goal keeper of his team. It was only luck that he played a cricket match when the team was short of a wicket keeper and it embarked the beginning of a journey of an outstanding career which made him achieved all the possible heights in Indian cricket.

2) He Won all the major Trophies.
All the Major ICC trophies, be it the T-20 World Cup, the 50-50 Cricket World Cup, the Champions Trophy, the ICC ODI Shield or the Test Mace, the captain cool has won all of them for the country. You just can’t hate a person who made us the world champions.


3) The Best Finisher
No doubt Dhoni is one of the best finishers in International cricket. He has proved his worth as a finisher almost everytime. He has the ability to play at any slot in the batting line up. He knows how to protect the tail enders from those Yorkers and finish it up for the team, every single time.


4) Sitting on the Captain Throne
Being the captain of the Indian team may seem like a glorious prospect from afar but it is one of the most toughest jobs to hold in a country like India. Yes, you earn a lot of money but you are constantly under scrutiny. Your every move is watched by millions and every decision is being analysed by a number of journalists. The skipper may have got a few wrong moves, but let’s not forget the numerous right moves he made as a leader.

5) Messiah for Young Players
No other captain has ever believed in the young, new, enthusiastic players other than Dhoni. He showed so much faith in the younger generation. He mentored them. It was because of him that we got players like Shami, Umesh Uadav, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ajinkya Rahane and many more who are going to make the country proud in the years to come.


With losing the Australian ODI series under his captaincy we hope to win the T-20 series.

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