Reasons to date a Jatt


“Khet me khat ka aur zindagi me jatt ka mazza e nyara ho se.”
From being an able bodyguard to the guy who loves to showoff, the jatts , needs no introduction. Dating a Jatt can be an altogether different and amazing experience because of their carefree attitude. Here are some reasons you should go on to date a Jatt guy


1) Khao, Piyo, Aish kro –

jat1This aptly sums up how a Jatt leads his life. You can see them simply enjoying life. Eating to the fullest and living life king size. No one enjoys life better than a jatt. And if you get a chance to date one, you surely gonna enjoy every second of it.


2) Z level security- 

jat2Jatt men are never seen alone. They always have a big gang of people with them. They walk like a “Shehanshah”. No one can take Panga with them. “Maar dalenge, kaat dalenge” is in their genes. So if you are with him, you need not worry about your safety. You get it from him as well as his gang.


3) Sohna Munda – 

jat 3Wheatish complexion, broad shoulders, long necks, makes many girls go on their knees. They have a knack to keep themselves fit. So dating a Jatt means, hundreds of other girls being jealous of you.


4) Wakhra Swag- 

jat 4From the latest cars to bikes to landi jeeps, you get a gehri on all of these if you date a jatt. Gehri routes are so much more fun.


5) Bhabhi Bhabhi akh k bulaunge-

jat 5Not only you get a boyfriend who calls you with cute names , you get a gang of his friends who’ll call you “BhabhiJi, Parjayi Ji” anytime, anywhere.


6) Ghode naal pkki yaari- 

jat 6If you are someone who wishes to fire with a gun, not a toy gun. Jatt is definitely the guy for you.


7) Mitran da naa chalda- 

jat 7Not only he has a huge gang of friends but he knows a lot of people. He’ll not only boost about getting things done, he’ll actually get your work done.


8) Krenge Daaru Party- 

jat 8
If you love to drink and party, then Jatt is definitely the guy for you. They don’t know how to party without Daaru. If it isn’t Patiala Peg, it isn’t a drink for them.


9) Jatt Jaan warda- 

jat 9
No matter how hard they seem on the outside, when a Jatt loves they love with all their heart. They’ll make you feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

So, go and find a Jatt guy as soon as possible coz ” Vaarian tha lokan diya aundiya, jatt vekhi end hi krauga.

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