Reading Between Lines: Father-Son Conversation



Dad: Hello!

(My dear son, I thought a hundred times before calling you, I really hope I am not disturbing you. I was waiting for your call for the last five days but you didn’t show up, and now I couldn’t resist myself from calling you and hearing your voice. I am sorry if I am disturbing you. But my old heart couldn’t stop missing my son.)

Son: Hi, Dad.

(Dad! I was just thinking about you. But my self-conscience stopped me from calling you and asking how you are doing. Maybe I resisted from talking and getting the same in return. I missed you a lot.)

Dad: How are you, son?

(Son, I miss you a lot. I don’t think I will be able to hold on my cry anymore. After hearing your voice I feel like my thirst has just been satisfied. Your voice is the blood my heart beats for. My life has become numb from the day you decided to live on your own.)

Son: I am fine. How are you?

(Last night, I was going through my photo gallery, there I saw our pictures. I miss how we used to have fun, how we used to wander here and there, how you used to take care of me. I started crying, missing you. Moreover, I am not doing so well these days. Lately, I met with a minor accident and got my arm swollen. But I won’t tell this to you because I don’t want you to be worried.)

Dad: I am good. Why are you sounding so low?

(No, son. I am not good. The pain in my head is now my biggest foe. My joints don’t let me walk straight. My vision is getting blurred. But I won’t tell you any of these, I don’t want you to be worried. But all these pains are nothing in front of the pain you have given me. You left me, my son. Even my worst nightmares cannot fathom this event. Yes I appreciate that you wanted to study more, but you could have studied in this city too. My heart is always crying, craving to hear my son’s voice, touch my son’s face, to hold my son’s hand and never let it go, to see my son’s face. *sigh*.)

Son: I was sleeping, dad. Just got up.

(I couldn’t sleep last night because my mind couldn’t stop thinking about you and mom. I was missing you a lot. I really want to come back but I got to complete my studies first. I am sorry dad to have abandoned you in times you needed me the most.)

Dad: Is this the time to sleep. You need to be more disciplined.

(I got worried, you fool! You are sleeping at this time. This means you didn’t sleep last night. I hope you are well. Be fine, son.)

Son: I am sorry dad.

(I am sorry; I didn’t want to make you angry. What kind of a person am I? Always unruly. I promise to be more disciplined and make you proud.)

Dad: I got to go. Bye. Take care.

(I don’t want to end this conversation but I have some work piled up. I still want to talk to you. I will be waiting for your phone call, son. Be fine. I miss you. I love you.)

Son: Okay, sure! Bye.

(I wish we could talk more. I want to talk my heart out to you. But I cannot, it will make you weak and I don’t want to make you weak, because you are my biggest strength. Bye dad. I love you.)

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Dipesh Jindal (DAV College 10)

Dipesh Jindal
(DAV College 10)

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