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Appointed as the Vice Chairman of the Social Media Cell of the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee,only 22 ,he is the Youngest Member of the State body.

We are talking about Raja Sanmanbir Singh, a fifth year student of UILS, who has recently been appointed to the Social Media Cell. He will be the incharge of Anandpur Sahib Parliamentary Constituency, further he will be having 9 assembly seats under him.

Captain Amarinder Singh served as the Chief Minister of Punjab from the year 2002 to 2007. Recently he was appointed as the President of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee by Sonia Gandhi. To make the optimum use of the power vested in him, he started forming a team of office bearers who would efficientize the work process. His team consists of Vice Presidents, General Secretaries, Secretaries and various other Cells which will help him plan and execute the upcoming Assembly Election which is in January 2017 . When asked about his political interests , Raja said that he has been involved in the University Politics for a while.

I got into student politics of the University in 2012, initially I was associated with SOPU. Later in 2012 when Rahul Gandhi came to Panjab University for the first time, influenced by him , I joined NSUI. I was made the incharge for elections in UILS for 2013 and 2014. later my handwork was acknowledged and I got elevated as the General Secretary of NSUI Chandigarh in 2014. I was overwhelmed . Apart from this I have been the coordinator of “#WithCongress” for Chandigarh. #WithCongress is the Digital Team of All India Congress


Pretty Impressive we’d say!

And then on being asked about his other preoccupations , we were more than amazed to know that Raja had been running an NGO.

 “It is called Saarthi. It basically works for Youth Empowerment and is currently running a program called as the Leadership Development Program. The organisation is actively counselling the students in class 10 and 12 for correctly choosing their careers.

 Also the NGO holds conferences on various issues relating to the welfare of the Youth. The most recent conference conference was held in Mauritius in collaboration with the Government of Mauritius. Alongside these, Saarthi is running after-school teaching programs for the under privileged children in Mohali and Bapu Dham Colony.”

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