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It’s that time of the year again. And by that I mean its time for the admission process to commence and this is usually the time where students find themselves stuck in a situation from where they can’t really find their way out. Now please don’t put all the students in the same category. Here I am specifically referring to students of the “GENERAL CATEGORY”.

Just like in a normal classroom one find different categories of students, for example , something like, a few will be considered teacher’s pet or few will be titled as geeks ( or weirdoes) and of course we can’t sideline the notorious backbenchers. Some of them will be given a special preference over other kids and some might not actually be a part of the lime light. So now consider the Indian government system as a class room and here also some students will always be in the lime light without even having to work an inch for that. This special treatment is given to the category of SC (Scheduled Class), ST (Scheduled tribe) and Other backward class. When it comes to admissions, some fixed number of seats is reserved for these special students. To highlight the same, this system is referred to as “RESERVATION SYSTEM”. The idea behind this system was to incorporate a feeling of equality and some amount of confidence in students coming from these sectors and to be really blunt, one does not mind this reservation system if it actually is doing the job it was meant to do in the first place, but alas! The present day scenario shows a complete different picture of this.

The reservation system had thoroughly being integrated with what commonly is known as the “vote bank politics” and this has made all the difference in the world. The seats are never occupied by the true holder or by the one who actually is in need of that. But instead it is backed upon by people who are wearing levis, paired with original raybans and are showing off their i-phones around. Now is it just me or the description of so called backward class is full of crap.

This system has tampered with the general class the most. Students have been working hard to secure that one seat but they don’t get in because of what 0.9%? The government of India has reserved almost 60% of the total seats for backward class and given the rest of the quotas, only 5-10% is actually made available for the general class. So if it’s converted into actual number of seats we get to the conclusion that about 100 general category students are appearing for 15 seats. Now that puts the poor kid in a lot of pressure and this is one of the many pressure that makes him wanna attempt suicide.

The ideal case scenario be that if the government really wants to get these people forward the the same should provide the backward class with free education up to a limit in the best of the conditions but should declare an open house when it comes to competitions and admissions so that the one who is fully deserving that seat turns out to be the owner of the same. No bar based on the criterion of class be present when it comes to admissions and competitions. Only then will the shadow of evils like casteism go away and pave way for a bright future of India.

I am not judging the intention with which this whole scheme was started but I am just questioning the system, is it fair to those in gen-ed category? Is the help really reaching those who actually need it? Has the system been able to fulfil the original promises? Or is the present scenario some sort of show and the seat is given to someone who has an aggregate of 30% just because he or she is the son or daughter of some hot shot personality India and the true holder of the seat who has worked hard to score 80% is left behind?


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