Quick cardio workouts that one can do at home


Short of time? Finding it hard to make it to the gym? All you need is some simple routines that can be done under the roof of your home and that to without any equipment.

Skipping: This might remind you of your school days, but it will leave you huffing and puffing in very less time. After a mild warm up, you can go for speed intervalse. skip as fast as possible for 1min, rest for 1min and repeat. In less than 20 minutes you will be able to burn good amount of calories.

Jumping jacks: Another easy option one can perform anywhere all you need is enough space to lift your arms. For an amateur 4 sets of 50 repetitions are good to go for the job.

Mountain climbers: Mountain climbers are very effective and a bit of demanding cardio option. This can be handy if done with fully activated core and this can help you target your stubborn lower belly area. To add more intensity to it one can go for the elevated version of mountain climbers.

Side to side squats: This cardio is basic yet very effective exercise. Just the standard squats but done with the sideways moments moving from left to right and the other way around as well. This will not only kick your heart rate it will also provide you good flow of blood to the quads and glutes.

Burpees: Last but not the least, the most effective of the lot. It looks simple but it is quite demanding. High jump and down you go for the push up. For an amateur 4 sets of 10 repetitions can make him/her cry for mercy and fully drenched in sweat.

When each of these exercises feels too easy, make a circuit of all the exercises and add more body weight exercises, perform all of them back to back for 1 minute or a half each. You can repeat this circuit twice or thrice. This high intensity workout can be done at home, all you need is skipping rope, stopwatch (almost every smart-phone has it) and some good music.

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