Quest for Doing the Undone: Mantra of Winning Elections


So, I remember my first year in college. It was the same time, mid-August, I was pretty naive and surrounded by members of various parties trying to convince me who is better from whom. Being a curious kid I further asked them what benefit I would have being a keen book lover, they promised that the library would be open for at least 2 or more hours from the standard time (being the worst case). Well, one year later I stand in my college with the same amount of duration allotted for library as it was before. I was made a false promise and my vote was abducted by sweet voices and a will to change the campus for better.

Parties focus only on one major theme, “This year we will change the entire course of history, we will achieve what none of the other previous winners had achieved. We will make a quest for doing the undone, just make us succeed through the competition and we will tear the whole world down.

Elections are around the corner, and as usual, the target is the students. Each year some party gets to sit on the throne. The winner stands alone but only in terms of ranks and orders. The practical application of every winner is somewhat constant, and during a study, it was found out that it’s not only this college but many of the other renowned ones too.

One thing I admire about the parties for is their persuasive skills, their ability to sweet talk which makes the heart ripe and an urge that our vote will change the world, that we will be a major factor for the difference so we lean in. Who doesn’t want to make the world a better place, of course by words we all want to, but by thoughts and actions I find no one (talking in terms of parties).

After the elections, I rarely see any candidate or supporters; they all get busy in their lives. I agree everyone has their personal lives but then being chosen (rather being elected) for a rank and not fulfilling it is pure hypocrisy.

If the change was easy, the students would have seen it way before. Instead of propagating what can you do, show us what you may. Instead of researching about the problems that befall on the campus, coming to a solution first is a must for these parties. When I look around the world, there are only talkers and no doors. Instead of being active only during the election phase, show us what small changes you can bring by being active throughout the year.

Victims find excuses for not doing the work and leaders are always looking for alternative solutions to a problem. How ironic is it that our leaders act as victims and creating a hazardous environment for future leaders. There are usual strikes and fights among leaders. Various leaders are ready to die for their parties but not for their campus. We have sound words but not a sound system which comes from great individuals.

Most of the time, the toilets are filthy and water shortage is a major concern for students, is a point put forward by our so-called leaders but there is no change in the way they work.

Protecting the party’s name by blaming others or just evading what one had committed earlier is a usual game for the party members. I get it, it’s the urge to save one’s ego from being harmed, but should our ego be so high that we place it above the campus needs. Dalai Lama said– “true happiness comes from serving others.” This, of course, by word and by printing it in pamphlet and banners we want to, but by actions, none of us want to.

I would want my fellow mates to be rational and decide what’s good for them, for the future and the party members to give at-least 10% of what they propagate, instead of making false promises and then running from duties.

I would like to conclude in the words of William Arthur Ward- “Greatness is not found in possessions, power, position or prestige. It is discovered in goodness, humility, service, and character.”

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Debashish Bindra (DAV College 10)

Debashish Bindra (DAV College 10)

A work in progress, interests are very diverse, serving humanity is the topmost goal of my life.



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