Putting the Promise to Practice: A Deadly Failure or a Winning Strategy


Now-a-days the University elections have gained huge importance, all thanks to the national parties who have started taking interest in these elections by nominating their own candidates. The reason why students are getting more and more involved in politics is primarily that students’ elections are viewed as stepping stones to the national politics and ultimately a route to wealth and power.

Be Bright, Vote for What is Right!

This is what we keep listening throughout the year and then suddenly everything disappears, doesn’t it seem weird sometimes that a few days back all your opinions matter the most and now even your existence in the college doesn’t matter. Well, this is the reality of the elections that each student’s faces in the college days, but the most important question here arises is what really makes them do so? Is it the hunger for ‘power‘ or just an illusion of making out something that needs to be implemented for the sake of empowering the students on the name of student leadership, students’ rights, and students’ opinion? Do all students really get a fair chance even to be in the party that promises of their welfare in the college? Are all the students even aware of the promises and welfare programs that they promise to conduct for them?

The answer is NO.

Most of the students are not even aware of the elections and their motives behind forming the parties.  They say: “YOUR VOTE IS YOUR VOICE.”

But the history shows every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods that seldom stays true to what it really promises. There is always one thing that lacks in the college elections and that is “commitment”. Unless commitment is really implemented there are only promises and hopes…but no plans. As it is an act, not just a word, commitment is what transforms a promise into reality.

It’s an embarrassing that we don’t have a broad enough consensus among our participants that stand up for our welfare and betterment of students lives in college. Just making a Wi-Fi connection possible won’t affect the student life. There are many other factors that no one talks about and are not even considered under the limelight of the agendas that should be noticeable. The very basic environment of the college itself is not the agenda for any of the party, the student life gets affected mostly by the fact that in which environment is it living and the socialization of the college is leading him to where? Is any party answerable to this? False promises of making the illegal attendance complete of the students and assuring them that they are not to be answerable for their absence in college makes these political parties a questionable exercise practiced is the campuses. I don’t understand the point of indulging in politics in an educational institution.

Politics should be kept out of colleges. The youth is the free bird and can choose what it wants to be. The silent majority of the students who just want to focus on their education and career are hijacked by the political minorities who call the shots. This in effect gives a free license to indulge in violence, agitations overshadow studies. Man hours are lost as result of umpteen strikes, debates, and confrontation.

The students should not take part in active politics before gaining sound politics knowledge and political ideologies. The student’s organizations need to understand the responsibilities vested in them and channelize the energy of the youth in the right directions. The main duty is to protect the interests of the students and maintain the healthy atmosphere in the institutions. The student organizations must aim for a better tomorrow and a promising future for the youth of our country.

It is nowhere to be said that college elections are or to be despised or dismayed, what is stated is that all those false and incomplete promises might make someone the suzerain for a specified period, but the fiasco that ensues is so deadly that it not only breaks the voters spirit for a better tomorrow but also their belief in practicing their power of casting a vote.

This public abash only takes place when what is promised is failed to be delivered. If this was not the case, if the selected candidates would actually execute what they made voters believe during the campaigning time, they, for sure can enjoy the guarantee of coming back to power. Let’s get it from where the youth will understand it, “with great power comes great responsibility states ‘Spiderman’ the movie– the candidate who will apply this principle to its verbatim will hold the power now and future as well. 

The vote should be for peace, not in or for pieces. 

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Kankshi Chaudhary (DAV College 10)


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