PUSU-SOI Fail To Deliver in PGGC-11

Renowned English journalist and author George Orwell once said:
“Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”
What Orwell meant was that political language hides truth, rather than express it. Indeed. The student party in control of the Student Council of Post Graduate Government College, Sector 11, left no stone un-turned to prove it.
Declaring a victory with an unbelievable margin, PUSU-SOI had the best set of cards. The PUSU rode on its popularity as a Punjabi party to achieve this win. Without a doubt, PUSU has always been about Punjab. And when it’s about Punjab, every Punjabi becomes a family regardless of their intentions or the fact if they are correct or not.
Now when you look beyond the success claimed by the party, there is no actual impact the party has had after their win. Many students even fail to recognise the President of the student council. According to members of the rival student parties, the big promises of the party to stay in the office till 6:00pm and listen to problems of the students are just as dead as the chances of the party being voted back in the next student council elections.
The chants of “PUSU party zindabad! SOI zindabad!” were heard all across the college campus after their win. Now however, the party, the president, or even the ‘working president’ are nowhere to be seen. Are they hibernating?
Lets take a look at the list of promises made by them in their manifesto, and the ground reality regarding them as of yet:
Promise 1: The infrastructure from gate to canteen was to be improved. The entrance of the college was to be made attractive.
(Truth: Due to the visit of the NAAC team to the college, this actually did happen. But not due to the efforts of the party.)
Promise 2: Passes were to be availed for the parking.
(Truth: There is still no system of the passes.)
Promise 3: The library to remain open at all times. In case this couldn’t be done, reading rooms were to be set up in the hostels.
(Truth: The library timings haven’t changed, and no reading room was set up.)
Promise 4: Proper drinking-water facilities to be developed.
(Truth: This promise too seems to have been forgotten.)
Promise 5: Star event was to happen in the campus.
(Truth: This was perhaps the only promise that the party has actually claimed it will uphold. As of yet, though, there hasn’t been any ‘star event’ in the college.)
Party promoter and a member of the PUSU, Nanak Singh Jandi, can be seen making these and many other promises in this (https://youtu.be/SjyZcnILWh4) interview with the college’s Press Club.
He pleads to the students at the end of the video to “not vote on the basis of state-ism.” Ironically, many students believe that the PUSU itself won due to it’s image of being a Punjabi student party.



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