PU’s English Course to Introduce Durjoy Datta’s Novels

It has not been long since Delhi University decided to incubate Chetan Bhagat’s novels in the course. Highly inspired by this move, there are talks in Panjab University to include Durjoy Datta’s novels in the English syllabus of functional, elective and honours course.

In a recent conversation with our media correspondent, Mr. Simon Firangi, Dean of English Department said, “With the passage of time, we have noticed that the youngsters have lost interest in English classics. So, with the view to inculcate reading habits among the students we have decided to introduce romantic fiction novels, which are well – loved by the youth these days.”

“The students especially the girls are often seen drooling over this celebrity writer, Durjoy Datta. So, we feel that including his books in the curriculum will definitely attract more readership and interest among the students. This is will ultimately lead to better results”, he further added.

According to sources, there are chances that as soon as the University will give the official statement on this move, Durjoy Datta will himself visit the campus and give signed copies of his novels to the students.

The thirty years old writer, Durjoy Datta has written some famous novels like ‘If Its’ Not Forever’, ‘Till The Last Breath’, and ‘Of Course I Love You’. The department has already sent a proposal detailing the recommendations of Durjoy Datta’s books to all the colleges teaching the honors course in literature studies and has sought feedback. They are yet to finalize on the novels which will be added in the course.

Disclaimer: Bogus Bulletin is our own of spreading rumors with some believably fake news. It’s time to get back to the classics!

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Bhavya Gaind (SD College 32)

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