Purvarang- Sahitya Kala with a Revolution


Purvarang is a cultural stage that lays down an interacting ground supporting a healthy critical debate on art and literature. The event was conducted on  September 19, 2017 around 2:30 p.m. at Gandhi Bhawan, Panjab University. A step was initiated to honour the well know Punjabi revolutionary poet- Avtar Singh Pash and his poetry. The event was open for everyone to come and engage themselves in an interactive session. The event saw the humble presence of Social Activist & Speaker,  Mr. Sukhwinder, who is also the Editor of Pratibadh & Worker’s newspaper.

Ms. Namita, Social Activist took the initiative last year and came up with a group of people with a thought to change the world in an artistic manner. Several events are taken up by them including dramas, seminar and united march to stand for human rights. Consequently, the organization promotes and spreads warmth of art & culture and its importance. Alongside, it also stands for the current problems in the society and puts forward its contribution to make a revolutionary change in the same.  The main aim of the organization is to bring out a productive change in the society via the means of art and culture while promoting its importance.

Purvarang has been actively initiating several events since last year. The very first event was regarding the Philistine war, about its origin and ongoing scenario. Later, an event was organized related to Punjabi poetry. It also provided a chance for art lovers to meet the well known Punjabi revolutionary poet– Ajmer Aulakh, face to face. Moving on, another event was also held that came up with the importance of our ‘Matrya Bhasha’- mother language and its importance. Fourth event was subjected to ‘Gujarat Files’ a writing of Rana Ayyub feauturing the 2002 Gujarat riots, the same was the topic of that event. And next was this one, which honored the revolutionary poet ‘Avtar Singh Sandhu’ having pen name ‘Avtar Singh Pash’.

This recent event beheld the presence of the active speaker and Editor Mr. Sukhwinder. The event started with his enlightening speech about the poet, his achievements, his writings and how the literature portrayed that past time. After that it was an open platform for everyone to come up with their queries and questions to which he answered very effectively and positively.    

The interactive session turned out to be a great success for making people aware about the literature, alongside it also blended literature in a different way to stand up for one’s rights. Thereby, instilling zeal and devotion for literature in the hearts of the audience. 

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Gurpreet Kaur (UIET, PU Campus)


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