Punjab goes high with ‘Udta Punjab’


When you see a flying packet of ‘chitta’ (Heroin) in very starting of ‘Udta Punjab,’ you understand that this movie is definitely worth all the controversies. This movie is an honest portrayal of latest form of terrorism, the “narco-terrorism.”

It is the story of a land where now five rivers flow with poisons, the story of a spoiled rockstar who knows nothing but drugs, the story of a courageous Bihari migrant who is waiting for her good days and that of a police officer against all this menace. What it includes in addition is the role of the change makers, who give away their everything to help such addicts.

Watching the movie, you see aspect of intoxication from teen drug abuse, police propaganda to gain easy money, efforts of doctors at Rehabilitation Centers, pharma involvement, glamour industry promoting drugs and smuggling of intoxicants from our neighbor-regions.


  • Plot: 

The plot of “Udta Punjab” is pretty much known, all thanks to the controversies. It is an interaction of four different life stories of Tommy Singh (Shahid Kapoor) as a rockstar, Mary Jane (Alia Bhat) as a Bihari migrant, Preet (Kareena Kapoor) as a doctor and Sartaj (Diljit Dosanjh) as a cop. Their life starts interacting when all of them decide to say no to drugs.

  • Acting:

Acting of all four protagonists is appreciable. While Shahid and Alia force the audience to empathize with them, Diljeet and Kareena convince the audience to do something against the menace. Kareena Kapoor in role catalyses the war. She is surprisingly perfect as a sardarni standing up against drugs when all ‘punjabi shers’ were dead doped.


This movie raises certain things other than drug abuse. One could see an indomitable courage in both female protagonists. This movie actually advocates feminism through Alia and Kareena. Apart from that, it also depict levels of fights, social and individual, both being actually tough. As Preet reiterates, “fight against drugs cannot be won at social level until or unless its won at individual level.”

Shahid Kapoor: 
Alia Bhat: 
Kareena Kapoor: 
Diljeet Dosanjh: 

  • Overall Verdict: 

Overall, it’s power-packed! This movie is something that we need to see as Indians. It is pretty much clear why Censor Board was putting so much efforts to ensure that movie doesn’t reach us. Yes, this movie defames Punjab, but its high time to see above fame or defame, and take action against this narco-terrorism. After all, You can’t deny that this movie is actually depicting reality.

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