PUMUN DAY 2: The Day Of Resolutions

April 30, 2017: At the second day of the prestigious Dr B.R. Ambedkar PUMUN’17 the delegates, as suggested, by the Executive Board came up with a solution oriented perspective, and with negligible blame game the delegates were able to deliberate over the resolutions.
An AIPPM ‘sans heat’ debate is next to impossible but as Dr Shashi Tharoor has said that “It is never wrong to disagree till the time you accept on the ground rules of how to disagree”. It was a pleasant sight to witness when the INC led coalition introduced its resolution addressing the issue of accruing instability in Indian Institutes like Panjab University, Aligarh Muslim University, JNU, AU and other institutes of national importance. The irony was that the resolution introduced by the ruling government failed and that of the opposition passed which made the members of the ruling party reflect on their model which was pointed out to be abstract by Sir Brijesh.
More interestingly, the committee witnessed all kinds of shayari, nazam, muhavare and kahavate which the delegates used to make their message more eloquent.
The Committee began with a brain storming session where Lt. Gen K.J. Singh started with a quiz involving general questions as to how the General Assembly and the Security Council works. This was the most unique feature of this MUN as it had veteran and experienced people on the treasury benches who brought their on ground experience which is far more productive as compared to the hypothetical, pure and bookish knowledge that kids usually have. The committee then witnessed a moderated caucus in which Secretary General Sir Rushil Sharma took over the chair as Ma’am Mannat Sibal had to leave the chair for an urgent meeting. The voting on the resolution over the solutions for Angolan crisis took place after massive lobbying in the unmoderated caucus and during lunch time. Two resolutions were introduced in the committee, however, unfortunately both failed which led to a non-productive end of the committee, but the delegates promised to work out some other out of the way solution. Only the delicious Gulab Jamuns helped in lifting the mood of the delegates.
The major focus was on settling the South China sea issue and the 9 dash line controversy. In a personal Interview with the EB Ma’am Malvika Awasthy and Lt Gen Iqbal Singha (father of Rannvijay Singh of MTV Roadies fame), it was revealed that this deliberation might not lead to a fruitful end as the major stake holders like Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia were absent. However, fortunately multiple rounds of negotiations concluded on a productive note where China promised peaceful talks and temporary halt on its military activities on the Spartley and Parcels islands.
Regarding the event, the Secretary General had this to say – “The basic aim of this event was to bring revolution through deliberation, it is an initiative to introduce young minds who have vigour to the experienced minds which have strategy. We have eminent personalities like Lt Gen. K.J Singh, Lt Gen. I.N. Singha and Prof. Rakesh Dutta who revealed the intricacies, exposed the on ground realities, disclosed the pragmatic scenario of UN missions, therefore the debate was not based on hypothetical grounds but on real question like that of budget, administration, feasibility.”
P.S – On April 29th, the delegates had raised 2 ‘highly important’ issues :
1) Noodles mai mirchi bohot hai.
2) Khaane ke baad kuchh meetha nahi hai.
Both the issues were addressed immediately and delegates were served with delicious Gulab Jamun on April 30th.

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Aayush Arora (UILS, PU Campus)

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Kiran Kumar (UILS, PU Campus)


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