PUMUN Concludes On High Note In University


After ending on a high note the previous day, the delegates got back to business at Panjab University campus on November 6th, 2016.

The day started off with the UNHRC Committee discussing about protecting the human rights of the LGBT community. UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council) is the inter-governmental body within the UN structure made up of 47 states responsible for the promotion and protection of all human rights around the globe.

The Chair, Imran Ahmad Ali and Co-Chair Mannat Sibal along with Raputator Bhavdeep Modi gave all the delegates an equal chance to put forward their notions on the floor. This lead to a healthy discussion on human rights of the LGBT community. The second agenda discussed was ‘the death sentence as it relates to individuals of the foreign citizenship.’ A total of 75 countries took part in UNHRC out of which 56 discussed the agendas.

The other committee was UNGA (United Nations General Assembly) included Rushal Sharma, Kumal Kapoor, Shrey Nagrit, Vershita Khullar as EB (Executive Board). The agendas included nuclear proliferation in the Middle East and the use of commodities in fueling these conflicts. Every delegate took  interest in discussing the agenda, putting forward their country’s’ viewpoint on the same.

Photo-Credit: Siddhant Sharma (SD College 32)

Photo-Credit: Siddhant Sharma (SD College 32)

The last committee, FIFA (Federation of International Football Association) was discussing one of the most exciting agendas of all. The agendas included discussion about the ‘Scrapping of the award to be given to Qatar in 2022’, the other was ‘Allegations relating to the irregularities for the voting procedure of the Ballon D’or.’ Continuing with the question asked by the Chair, “Who won the first Ballon D’or” to which delegate of Germany replied “Messi”.

The event continued with equal zeal and pointed discussion till the end. It concluded on an expected high note.

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