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Damn Chandigarh, back at it again with the red lips!
Red lips are without a doubt a favourite amongst women of all generations. From a little girl eyeing her mother’s lipstick collection to a 70 years old, white haired lady, red provides the right pop of color and assists in acquiring the desired elegance.
But this beautiful color inevitably makes the maximum blunders too. Mastering a red lip is tricky and choosing the perfect shade for your skin tone is well, sort of next to impossible for many.
Men and women of all races have this common misconception that the colour ‘red’ would only suit ‘fair-skinned’ people. Well, I take more than just pleasure to burst this particular bubble, as only certain shades of red-maroon can compliment the white skin. The same holds true for people of darker shades. Your undertone needs to be kept in mind when you go lipstick shopping. Don’t blindly follow the herd.

Lipstick also has types with respect to its texture and formula, from matte to frosty to creamy and glossy. Frequent indulgences will help you decide what suits you more.

Natural and neutral lips are also timeless like the classic red lips.

Finding people wearing the wrong shade of red is one thing but seeing almost everyone supporting it in summer is another.

Shades of dark red, maroon, purple and brown usually indicate the fall season whilst the coral colours make a semi come back during the cold season. SUMMER TIME is one, where you get to pick not only any colour under the sun but also mix-match and blend two shades.

So, this is what you need to do this summer if you are planning on joining the lipstick bandwagon.
1) Ditch the occasional red for a pink or a nude shade. Summer is all about light to barely-there browns and 50 shades of PINK.

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2) If you are going for a bright eyeshadow or a smokey effect, don’t make the BLUNDER of wearing BRIGHT LIPS with it.


3) Blot your lipstick after applying and re-apply if you feel the necessity.


4) If acing the lip-look is on your task list for 2016 then make sure you always line your lips with a liner similar to the colour of the lipstick you are going for. Usually you will find the same shade available in your lip-liner too.

Point 4

5) Well, if you are the daring kinds and want to cast an impression by wearing an orange or a purple. Make sure you stick to a bright or faint coral shades and lavender or mauve hues for summer, respectively.

Point 5
6) Always test the shade or colour of the lipstick before you purchase it. And your own approval matters the most. There is a rare chance that one can be allergic to one of the contents in the lipstick too. So always try a swatch. p3

7) If painting your lips becomes more than a daily ritual in your life, scrub them once a week to get rid of dead skin-cells. This will make them soft and supple.

8) Smile. Irrespective of what you wear or paint yourself in, always smile. It is the best make up and beauty tool-trick.



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