PU to Shut Down Evening Law Course


Coming under heavy criticism from the Bar Council of India (BCI), the evening law course has been termed ‘against the legal education’ by the Lawyers Regulatory Body. The Dean of the Department of Law has been asked to discontinue the course from the next session.

PU has been running three-year and five-year integrated course and has never sought any permission from BCI for running the evening classes. As per the violation of rule 14, no person would have a right to practice law from the evening or day classes without the approval of the BCI. 

In a meeting on July 30th, 2016, Dean was addressed in a two paged letter and the committee saying that PU conducts these classes for persons in service. As per the Legal Education Rule 2008, the timings of the classes are inappropriate but the library may remain open till 10PM. BCI mentioned the timings which a class should run on with a half and hour break and 30 hours of working schedule per week. The Chairman, PU Department of Laws declares that there would be two shifts for the course, 8AM to 1:30AM and 1:30PM to 7PM as per the orders of the BCI.

The restrictions has been made keeping in mind the upgrade of standards by fixing the time period in which it can be run.

If any university wants to educate the service class, they should have a course with specific mention that they will not have a right to practice law but can obtain a diploma in law.

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Raahat Sarpal  (SD College 32)

Raahat Sarpal
(SD College 32)

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