PU to Offer a Doctorate to ‘Raja Raja’ Singer, Mr. Radhe Shyam Rasiya


Raja Raja Raja, kareja mein samaja’ has become the anthem for any New Year’s eve party this year. Mr. Radhe Shyam Rasiya, the voice behind the ultimate song has been recognised by the Panjab University and has decided to offer a doctrate to him for his vital contribution to the singing industry and has to give us all a song that can give us a roll coaster ride, and get us high without actually getting high.

Mr. Radhe Shyam is a Bhojpuri singer and has thrived to take the Bhojpuri industry to another level, with one of his songs, “Raja Raja Raja” being a definite step in the process. He has now been singing since years, and has sung at many occasions each time taking his audience’s breath away. He is well known face now in all over India.

Panjab University’s council was so overwhelmed by the singer that they decided to offer him a doctrate for his contribution. The singer will be offered a doctrate on the coming convocation ceremony. Rumour says that he will be singing on the ceremony as well. (Grab your popcorns already.)

One of the student of DAV College, who is also a fan of Mr. Radhe got so excited by hearing this news that he started playing this song in the college premises, loud enough that deaf ears could hear. When asked about his affection he said, “Raja Raja Raja, is one of the deepest songs he had ever heard. The song possesses some kind of mahgic which makes me dance over it each time I hear the song.”

We hope that Mr. Radhe accepts our token of respect and love, and adds to our gigantic list of alumni.

Disclaimer: This our Thursday section of believably fake news. Every Bogus Bulletin has story behind it and this bogus bulletin’s story is simply an over-irritating song being flashed over internet again and again. God, please get us rid of this song.

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