PU to Offer 100% Scholarship to Students Who Can Explain GST


Goods and Services Tax or GST Act has come up like a mystery, which stands unsolved as yet. Only a few people in India are completely aware of what GST is. Some say it is one tax for all the goods and services, some say it is a tax revenue to both the State and the Central Government, others say that it is another way of government of stealing money from the citizens of India but no one knows what exactly it is. As a result, Panjab University has declared that the students who will be able to explain GST completely will be offered 100% scholarship, irrespective of fees.

To adjudge one’s knowledge about the newly sanctioned GST Act, a test will be taken. In the test the students, who applied, will be given 3 hours to write and explain everything they know about GST. The answer sheets will then be read and marked thoroughly, hence deciding the winner(s). The test will be taken on 12th of July, 2017. All those students who want to get enrolled in the test will have to register on the site www.GSTTest.com. The students are allowed to take help of the internet to gather information about the act.

It is a golden chance of showing off your information about the GST Act and getting a 100% scholarship. We do not see PU offering much scholarship but this is once in a blue moon opportunity; do not let it go in vain. The test sheets will be checked by the best CAs and lawyers around the city and the results will be posted on the official PU site on the 15th of July.

So, collect the information about GST and register in the test to avail the one time offer.

(TIP from PUMirror: Pictures of bills being posted by the people on the internet showcasing CGST and SGST can be of high application to know about GST)

Disclaimer: Bogus Bulletin is our Thursday section of believably fake news. Everyone is talking about GST but no one is actually aware of it. This might influence you to open up your google tab and search for GST, before judging it.

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Dipesh Jindal (DAV College 10)

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