PU to Launch “To Your Home” Doors for Hostellers


With around ten colleges in Chandigarh affiliated to Panjab University and Panjab University’s campus itself, there are around 15,000 students that live in hostels and various Paying Guest accommodations in and around the city beautiful.

Some of the hostelers come from places as far as Manipur in the eastern end of the country. These students are unable to go to their homes on the weekends and have to wait months before they get to see their families and the loved ones.

But that’s set to change now, thanks to the Panjab University’s administration, which has decided to put a smile on the faces of its students and has announced that the University will be launching “To Your Home” doors.

The idea of “To Your Home” doors come from one of the most famous cartoons known as Doraemon. In the cartoon, there is a high-tech gadget called anywhere door, which can help you reach anywhere in the world. Though the concept of “to your home” doors is on the same lines, but can take you to your home only.

Around two such doors are being special ordered and imported from Japan, and will be distributed to two lucky hostels from amongst the various located around Chandigarh. The decision on which hostels will get this gadget will be decided by a draw that will be opened on October 10th in the Law Auditorium of PU.

Students from other hostels will also be able to use these doors, but the number of such students will be limited to 2 per week. Since the door remains in use for the entire duration of the trip, the time allowed for each trip has also been limited to 10 hours maximum. Students that live farthest from home will be given preference over the ones whose home are not so far. However, international students will not be allowed to avail these “to your home” door services.

The usage of these doors will also be very strictly monitored and regulated by a special “to your home door commission” that is yet to be formed. Any hosteler that wishes to use the door, has to register through this link – http://www.toyourhomedoor.pu.in. The students will also have to submit an online consent form, which will include permission by the warden and the parents

Now you can know how it feels to have your home next door.

Disclaimer: Bogus Bulletin is our Thursday section of believably fake news. I understand what it is like to miss your family in a hostel, being a hosteler myself. At some point, each of us has wished for a “to your home” door, haven’t we?

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