PU to introduce Two MSTs per semester


The festive season for colleges is over, and before the main semester exams, Panjab University is all set to give another blow to the students. As time has changed, so has the study pattern of students. These days, most college students are in the habit of studying a night before the exams and that too just for passing in the examination. This degrades the quality of education, as that focuses on just cramming and not on understanding the actual concepts behind the studied.

According to our sources, PU is all set to conduct another set of Mid Semester Tests in the month of April in all in the University campuses and the affiliated colleges. The main purpose of introduction of MST again is to improve the overall pass percentage of the students of the university.

Authorities say that now most of the students have made the ritual of studying just the night before the exams, which brings down the academic result of the colleges and the university as a whole. This will turn out to be a boost for students, as they would have at least revised the syllabus twice before the final exams. They have also recommended to include the syllabus that was left out from the 1st mid-term semester tests of every subject. The highest scoring candidates in each examination will get an edge in attendance, and won’t have to pay any fines.

Only time will decide whether this would improve the pass percentage of institutes, or just prove to be an extra burden on students. The most affected by this would be those students who take part in extra-curricular activities too, as they would be confused as to what they should focus more on. Practical examinations will also start in the final weeks of April, which would be a major disadvantage as students won’t get time to study for Practical exams.

So, start preparing for the exams and gear up. Individual date sheets of every college will be releasing soon. Exams will mostly be conducted in the 1st week or 2nd week of April, as the last week comprises of practical examination.

Disclaimer: Uper di hui saari baate kalpanic hain aur inka vastav ki zindagi se koi taluk nhi haki (This news is a bogus, and has nothing to do with the real world). This is published under Bogus Bulletin, which is our Thursday edition comprising of believable fake news, spread just to create buzz among the students.

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