PU To Ban Students From Wearing Skirts And Shorts

The scorching heat of the sun is around the corner and so are the rigid rules and restrictions targeting the female fraternity. Post to Punjab’s Director for Public Instructions’ (DPI) instruction to all district education officers (DEOs) and principals to ensure that teachers wear decent clothes to school, the senior officials of Panjab University seem to be influenced by the initiative.
The DPI gave a statement that, “In government schools, teachers, particularly female teachers, wear bright/glittery clothes on duty. Many female teachers wear jeans and top, and many types of provocative and fashionable clothes on duty, which has an effect on the students.” Keeping in view the same, there has been information to ban the girls from wearing “provocative”, “glittery” and “fashionable” clothes including skirts and shorts in the campus.
Mr. Jungli Jawaani, a senior official recently said to our media correspondent, “There is nothing wrong in banning the female students from wearing skirts and shorts, this is for their own good. This will save their skin from getting tanned and will even make their complexion a notch higher. Every girl should take immense beauty care, and this initiative will aid the same.”
“This is not only applicable to the female students, but also to the boys with gorilla hair on their legs who are often seen wandering the campus in the so-called ‘chaddas’. While mostly the hostlers are seen wearing such indecent clothes, we will assure regular checks in the hostel as well as the campus”, he further added.
The University authorities are yet to give an official release about the same.
Disclaimer: Bogus Bulletin is our own way of spreading rumors about some believably fake news. You need not revamp your summer wardrobe girlies!

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Bhavya Gaind (SD College 32)

Bhavya Gaind (SD College 32)

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