PU to Award Marks For Writing Lyrics Instead of Answers in Exams


No, you do not need to get your eyes checked and we are definitely not kidding! Panjab University, in an unexpected turn of events, has announced that extra marks will be awarded to students for writing song lyrics instead of answers in exams. This astonishing decision came hours after a professor was found sobbing hysterically in his office due to the stupidity of his students and their senseless answers.  This policy will be effective from 31st November 2017.

Mr. DJ Wale Babu, a senior official from PU issued an official statement saying, 

“This is not the first time that this has happened. Teachers have often complained about the mind-numbing answers found in the student’s answer sheets and the pure monotony and stress of correcting them. We are responsible for the well being of our staff and hope that this move will spice up their otherwise drab life.” 

It is rumored that the concerned officials are contemplating whether extra credits should be given to the students who are able to correctly guess and answer using their teacher’s favorite songs. According to sources, PU has already appointed a committee and started compiling online resources to help out students expand their lyrical knowledge as much as possible and these can be found on Punjab University’s official website under the tab ‘padh kar kya karega’. 

The announcement evoked mixed reactions from the students. “This is a revolutionary move and will change the face of examinations in PU forever. We can’t thank the officials enough”, said Pappu Backbencher with tears in his eyes and a wide smile on his face while others were visibly uncomfortable with this policy change. However, everyone agreed that exams will never be the same again.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to buckle down and start cramming lyrics like never before. All hail MTV!

(Disclaimer: Believe our bogus bulletin at your own risk. We are not responsible for any excitement or fury induced as a result of our fake news. The writer does not mean to offend anyone and really wishes that she lived in a parallel world where Professors gave extra marks for writing song lyrics instead of answers in exams since that’s all she happens to know by heart.)

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Aashima Garg (Department of Economics, PU Campus; Subeditor Inside Campus, PU Mirror)

Writer. 18 years old. Pursuing B.A. Economics (Hons) from Department of Economic, PU. I am a Hindi poetry enthusiast and an avid reader. I love binge watching movie and sitcoms.

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