PU to Allow Micro-Scans in the Examination Hall


On the November 29th, 2017 a petition was filed by the students of Panjab University to the authorities of PU, stating that micro-scans should be allowed in the University examinations so that it is easier for the students to score higher marks and get our Universities glories. After a detailed discussion and meeting of almost all the high level officials of the University they decided to show a green flag to the petition.

Yes! You read it right; Panjab University is legally letting the students to bring in the micro-scans inside the examination halls. Infact, Panjab University might attach the most relevant micro-scans to the question papers itself so that it is not a problem to the students. The news came at the right time as the exams just at the edge of the table.

Someone, who can’t be named, from the authority of Panjab University said, “It is a very right decision taken by the authorities, as PU is known for it’s very strict checking. The micro-scans will give an edge to the students to excel the examinations. We, highly hope that students will be able to make use of this opportunity.” 

From the same source, we got to know that this decision has been taken for this semester only and that if it came out to be profitable then it might be given the permanent status. It was also noted that PU might start an add-on course for teaching the art of reading micro-scans. Hence, they are looking for teachers. To register yourself as a teacher kindly follow the mentioned link. MicroScanExpert.pu.ac.in

To this news, students have started celebrating the occasion, and have started preparing for their examinations (micro-scan reading skills) at their best. One of the students of UILS said, “The micro-scan allowance will be a game changer this examination season. We all were praying for this dream to come true. It’s because of the almighty that we are getting this opportunity at last. Live long PU!

So, are you ready to grab your micro-scopes and hit the bullseye this time?

Disclaimer: Bogus Bulletin is our own way of spreading rumors with some believably fake news. It’s high time that PU should make this official. We all are really fed up of studying all day and night. It’s an anticipated dream, which waits to become the reality.

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