Amidst Financial Crunch, PU Throws New Year Party for Students


Panjab University has been an epitome of excellence since time immemorial. Paving the way on the ideology of working hard, and partying harder, Panjab University has decided to organize a New Year Party at JW Marriott.

Post to an exhausting session of semester exams, the Dean of the University, Mr. Tareek Ptanhi said to our correspondent, “We are highly impressed to see the students of the university working so hard for the exams. So, as a token of appreciation, we are planning to throw a New Year Party at JW Marriott. However, the date has not been finalized yet.”

According to some other confidential sources, of whom we have been lucky to extract the information, that the party will have free couple passes. It is rumored that the celebration will be scheduled for afternoon hours to avoid any unanticipated trouble.

The university officials have admitted to be facing a cash crunch but also agreed that during this time of immense tension a party is all that can help the stressed students and officials. Good food and drinks will be made available for the students.

Interested students have been advised to collect passes from the registrars of their respective colleges and departments. So, if you are planning to go back home this weekend then don’t, because you would not want to miss this party of a lifetime. We are all geared up to party, aren’t you?

Disclaimer- Do not believe us on #BogusBulletin, it is our own way of starting a rumor with some believably fake news. Keep going with your plans. Happy New Year 2017!

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Bhavya Gaind (SD College 32)

Bhavya Gaind (SD College 32)

A stout believer of the doctrine of karma, and definitely an optimist. Bhavya suffers from a childhood syndrome, of laughing at serious situations and the same translates in her writings in the form of disastrous wit. Food, music and books are the definition of immense happiness.


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