PU students celebrate Global Hand Washing Day


Students of Centre for Public Health, Panjab University (PU), Chandigarh today
celebrated Global Hand Washing Day by initiating a signature campaign to awaken the
people about benefits of hygiene and prevention of diseases by hand washing.
As part of “Raise your hand for hygiene” theme of the year, the Public Health Centre
students under the supervision of Coordinator Dr Suman Mor and faculty of Centre for
Public Health initiated a signature campaign on how hygiene can be useful for prevention
of diseases.
Students distributed paper soaps to those, who signed and pledged the hand washing
pledge. Moreover, videos, hand made posters regarding benefits of hand washing were also
shown to sensitise the people.
A drive was also initiated by students to encourage people for washing their hand
before and after eating. Students as well as teachers present at student centre gave a
positive response to the initiative and happily washed hands with the provided soap.
Dr Suman Mor, Coordinator of Centre for Public Health emphasised on the need of good
sanitation and hygiene practices along with the installation of soap dispenser and more
washbasins on specific locations so that the maximum number of people could make use of
the facility for washing hand and hence can prevent themselves from various diseases.


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