PU student invited for dinner with the Canadian Prime Minister


Human Rights activist and social reformer Dhananjay Chauhan Mangalmukhi – a familiar name in the city, has another feather to add to her cap of accomplishments- she is all set to meet the coolest Prime Minister of the world. Dhananjay has been invited to dine with Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada in Delhi, on February 22nd, in Delhi.

Dhananjay Chauhan is the President of the LGBTQ Community Chandigarh and has been an advocator of LGBTQ rights, and a prominent figure in the world of activists. She has been working relentlessly towards spreading awareness about the community, and her tireless efforts have resulted in significant changes all across the country. Director of Chandigarh’s gay-rights NGO, Saksham Trust, and a member of the Chadigarh’s Transgender Welfare Board, she has been educating, and making people aware of the community’s existence, in a society where few even know the distinction between gender, sex, and sexual orientation.

In a win for the LGBTQ community, she was responsible for the construction of the first toilets for transgenders in Panjab University. She has been associated with various causes and NGOs throughout her journey in social reform and has organised various movements and protests against the injustices and subjugation of the LGBTQ community in India. Just last month, she participated in a campaign by the Panchkula MC, where the help of the city’s transgenders was employed in a bid against open defecation. She has more recently, been openly speaking out and participating in the protests against the inhumane treatment of Ajay Pal, who was beaten up by some members of a Hijra Dera in Dehradun.

Currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Human Rights and Duties from Panjab University, and a graduate in Social Work from Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi, she was PU’s first transgender student- and has been the harbinger of change in the University and the city, ever since she stepped in. She has made strides in the world of social reform, and is an inspiration to everybody who aspires to be a vehicle of change.

Chandigarh is slowly moving forward in terms of awareness of the LGBTQ community. February marks the celebration of Garvotsava- Chandigarh’s annual Pride Parade. The city has a lot to do, but is well on its way to becoming more educated and aware.

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