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Disclaimer- None of the below statements are supported by PU Mirror, we still wait for the police investigation to complete in the Gun firing case. All the statements given by PUSU members are their opinions and we do not support any side in this case.

The recent Gun Firing Incident at the Panjab University campus, saw Student Organisation India (SOI) and Panjab University Students Union (PUSU) members get first into a brawl which later led to a dramatic firing incident. It has although not been ascertained that who started the firing.

Manpreet Aulakh, SOI party president took a shot on his thigh, Jashanpreet another SOI member injured his arms and legs while Buland Singh Sekhon received head injuries after the clash. Police arrested Resham Godara, a PUSU leader and Naval Deep who is the PUSU president.

While Naval Deep is under judicial custody his friends have come to his support. 4 Videos have been uploaded by the Panjab University Students Union (PUSU) on their Facebook page which show Naval Deep at a friend’s house. Since the videos have surfaced a large group of students have come to the aid of the emerging PUSU president.

Barham Jot Singh, a PUSU member while talking to PU mirror and sighting the reason behind Naval being targeted said “He has been doing his part for the students this year and they have seen him for what he is, a great leader. SOI is scared of Naval as he has the students backing him after his hunger strike on February 29”. He added “Naval was nowhere near the scene of crime when everything happened, he is innocent and PUSU will continue its efforts to fight for justice, it is the fight of every student”.

Other parties like HSA, SFS, NSUI, and ABVP have for the very first time come together and declared their support for Naval Deep who is presently in Burail Jail, sector 45. What is now being called a greater political agenda of the currently in power SAD, has seen politicians like Simarjeet Bains who is an independent MP, and AAP leader Suchche Singh Chottepur come to the support of Naval Deep.

Support for naval has been flying in also from journalists like Baltej Pannu.

Naval according to friends was in sector 20 of Chandigarh at the time of the incident and from there he took a cab at around 8:37 PM which dropped him at the PU campus on 8:51 PM. The firing and fight had all rounded up by then.

Resham Godara who is the state PUSU president has been booked under section 307 (attempt to murder) of IPC and arms act. His supporters have been asking questions that while Resham who has suffered head injury by a sharp object has been booked under section 307 while those who hit him on the head have no proceedings against them. They have been repeatedly asking as how a shot (if fired by Resham) hitting the thigh be booked under 307 as it is not considered a lethal blow.

PUSU members and leaders have in an investigation by the core panel of their party declared their accused leader as innocent.

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