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As the ISRO takes strides in the space Aeronautics sector, Punjab University comes forward to utilise it’s economical launching satellite program. PU signed a contract with ISRO to launch a nano satellite into the space which is scheduled to take off from Arunanchal Pradesh on 12th January, 2018.

This initiative is meant to enhance connectivity and accessibility in all terms.

The rocket PSLV-C04 will launch PU satellite along with 28 other satellites from different nations and two other hailing from India.  “This will be a historical launch in the educational history of india” said, mr. K. Saini, secretary of space and aeronautics through an emailed interview.”

The satellite will allow all PU students to connect with faculty and access academic material through e-platform. As per the sources, Panjab University will be announcing several digital reforms and initiative which would be catalyzed with the launch of this satellite. The authorities are mulling over introduction of E-teaching whereby student can attend classes without being physically present in the class. However, the greatest reform comes with digitalization of PU library, open to non-PU students as well.

An insider explained the financial side of the launch. The total outlay on the project was 145 crores out of which 30% was sanctioned by Punjab State Government and 31% by Haryana State Government and rest of the amount was paid by the Union Government.

Apart from educational usage of new hi-tech technology, it is being claimed that Intelligence Bureau will also have control of the satellite for intensified supervision and tracking down anti-national activities within the city. However, this claim hasn’t been certified by the authorities yet.

Panjab University undoubtedly took a drastic leap forward enabling students to grow technologically in this modernised and globalised world. With the launch of PU satellite the university has moved abreast to world’s education system. Now it’s our responsibility to utilize it well and tap our intrinsic potential.

Disclaimer: It feels highly proud, seeing ISRO taking a higher step each day. Bogus Bulletin is Thursday section of believably fake news. What if PU joins hands with ISRO, it would definitely give a boost to our education sphere in PU.

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