PU Girls’ Hostel Not Safe Of Intruders


The girls’ hostels of Panjab University are well known for their rules and regulations, and above all, safety. However an incident, which took place on the night of November 10th, posed many questions on the safety of the girls residing in the same prestigious university.

As the incident goes, late evening on floor 1st of girls’ hostel no. 8, two girls saw a man walking down the corridor towards them. One of them shoved the other in her room, asked her to lock herself in and to not open the door to anyone no matter what, while she herself ran down to the reception screaming for help. When she told the lady assistant at the reception about a man wandering in the hostel, the assistant ignored by saying what we quote here, “Aisa ho he nhi sakta, tumhe galti lagi hai. Zaroor kisi ladki ne apne boyfriend ko andar bula lia hoga. Humara kaam sirf reception pe hai.”

After urging the lady to do something, she went with the girl to call the security guard. The security guard seemed unaffected by what the girl was saying and instead of going and looking into the matter, he went off to call another guard. Meanwhile that man was still roaming the corridors. By the time the girl came back to the reception, many girls had gathered and were all scared. The guards went to check and found no sign of the stranger. The girls were in fact asked to retire to their rooms and were re-assured that everything was fine.

The girls went back; but as soon as they reached the first floor, they saw the same man trying to enter some girl’s room. All the girls panicked, some screamed and a few also got knives from their rooms. The security guards came running but before the guards could catch him, he ran away. According to the girls, he slid down the pipe and escaped, which is probably from where he entered the hostel in the first place. The man seemed like someone from the slum area, which is right next to the hostel.

Thankfully no one was harmed, however this incident has put a big question mark on the safety measures taken by the university. This man could’ve been a murdered, a rapist, a psychopath, anyone or worse! No person in his right senses would secretly enter a girls’ hostel. How will the girls be re-assured that no such incident will take place again? The worst part in all of this is that such a thing has happened in the university which has always grabbed top spot in nation-wide ranking.

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Urvi Marwaha (BDS, PU Campus)

Urvi Marwaha
(BDS, PU Campus)

Urvi Marwaha is an ordinary girl, taking baby steps and is on her way to becoming a dentist. She is motivated by the desire to achieve. She dreams big through her tiny little eyes. She loves to travel. She enjoys greek souvalakis and chocolate eclairs every now and then. She’s still learning the rules of the game and one day shes going to play it better than anyone else.


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