Organized at Student Centre in Panjab University on 31st August, PU SHIRE BOOK CLUB meet was one amongst all those innovative meet-ups that provide young people a platform to connect with the like-minded people. But what made it a success was that it provided bookaholics/creative writers/artists around Chandigarh to connect with other people by the bond of the books they love, artists they can’t stop listening to, movies that left an indelible imprint on their minds, the issues that are close to their hearts.


Commencing with informal introduction in a fun and frolic manner, the latter part was spent with an ice-breaking session where people were randomly paired with strangers for whom they had to write a poem/prose after a conversation for good deal of 20-30 minutes. It provided people with a chance to have a stranger write some lines for them. Thereafter, towards the end, the box of chocolates was given to a rapper named Nim, who gave an energetic performance by using great deal of rhyming words thrown his way instantaneously by the audience.

It was not  just a friendly platform to share your ideas and to know about the ideas of different kind of people but also a platform to inculcate the confidence in you and have a clearer aspect of the world evolving around you by getting to involve yourself with people from diverse and versatile backgrounds. The event, organized by Himanshu Goel and Inayat Pawar, was an instant hit amongst the attendees.

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Urvi Sharma

Urvi Sharma (English Dep. PU Campus)

Currently pursuing Masters from Department of English and Cultural Studies, Panjab University, I have a knack for writing as well as reading and wishes to develop her skill-set to be utile to society.


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