Prostitution – no longer a hush word


Prostitution might be a taboo in India, but no longer is it behind the curtains for sure.
It is out in the open; you, me, everybody is aware that it exists and is a rampant and thriving trade.
Some may live in denial but known to one and all, Sonagachi, the biggest redlight district in Asia is a part of India.

Why is the prostitution trade the largest here?
Because, the larger the demand, the larger will be the supply!

Why does it even exist?
A few with minds as narrow as the aisle of a train compartment ask.

Technically, directly, prostitution in India is legal but indirectly it is not. The main statute dealing with sex-work in India does not criminalize prostitution or prostitutes per se, but mostly punishes acts by third parties facilitating prostitution like brothel keeping, living off earnings and procuring etc.

In broad day light they criticize prostitutes and their lack of morals and what not .They go there as customers when the night descends.
This is just a sentence and not a generalization. However,  a prostitute is looked down upon by the Indian society at large. She is considered to be a shame to her clan, to her kith and kin. That’s why, here, they have no relatives, no family, nothing! No one wants to have anything to do with them.  Like always, the society never fails to deliver a judgement that has a profound impact on the lives of those in the flesh trade and the children born out of these dingy rooms with no man to call a father.

The subject is too complex to be given a judgement upon as threads of forced inclusion intermingled with those of a choice of profession make it all the more complex. The way I look at it, it has to be understood that eradication is not a solution, because prostitution was never a problem in the first place. It is JUST ANOTHER PROFESSION.  Rescuing those who were forced into it is a necessity, because not all women are in it by choice. But there are also a few who know where they are , what exactly they are doing and what they are doing it for! Such women are far from happy.

‘WHY’ is the question.

This is because they are exploited in all ways and end up getting more tortured than they had bargained for, thanks to two faced society and it’s perspectives. The government knows it was prevalent, knows that it is, knows that it will be and yet doesn’t have the nerve to legalize it and give the rights that are due to prostitutes. It is saddening that those in the flesh trade have no regulations to protect them from customers that do more harm than good.

It is a profession, but despite being there it is acknowledged as nonexistent to the naked eye by those who need to deal with it , regulate it and reform it. Brushing it down the carpet time and again won’t do because it has been there since time immemorial and will continue to be. Illegalizing it strictly may possibly lead to more rapes, perhaps who knows?


It needs to be acknowledged and looked in the eye. It’s not a mountain, but just a means of livelihood that gives the worker a tougher time than others and needs to be looked at that way. Those caught up there by force need to be saved, while those there by choice need to have the laws in their favor, rather than against them. And it all begins with acceptance!

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