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I’ve been single for a while and I have to say it’s really good being single. No kidding, it is. But it has both upsides and downsides. It’s pros and cons. And I’ve been in both situations. So here are pros and cons of being single in different situations:


At the club

Pros: You’re a single person at the club, the world is your oyster. You can stare at the people you like. You can check out other people. You are a machine without chains bound to you. There’s music you can lose yourself to. There are drinks you can lose yourself to, if you partake in drinking. There’s a whole crowd…you can literally lose yourself to. You can look for and meet new people and for a while not be single. You don’t have to worry about the security of your significant other, and if they are not there worry about them worrying about what you’re doing. You’re like a kid at a candy store with no one to check what candies you’re getting (and I’m Not talking about drugs)


Cons: You’re a single person at a club. I mean there are couples and other couples and people who have found other people and probably are couples now. And if that’s not clear enough to remind you of that there’s always public display of affection at clubs. And there’s music. Music only couples look dancing to. You can feel people burning a hole in your body by staring at you hatefully and at the same time ignoring you completely. You’d rather stand in the corner with a drink that you like. And if that drink is alcoholic you can’t have too much of it. Because you’re a single person at a club and no one is gonna help you when you’re too drunk. Especially when you don’t know where your friends are lost in the club. And there’s no signal usually. So you can’t contact them. And no social networking.

hate clubs

At Weddings

Pros: Weddings are places that make people realize that they should find someone for themselves. This is definitely the place to be for single people to meet other single people. The context for conversation is easy and people are approachable (‘Aap ladkiwaalon ki taraf se ya ladkewaalon ki taraf se ho?’ works wonders). The people look great and you generally feel good about your prospects. And since you’re single you don’t have to fetch bhelpuri for your bae. You can go wherever you want. And not having to share food is always great.


Cons: Yes, weddings are places that make people realize that they should find someone for themselves. You forgot to include yourself. Now you’re looking at the bride and groom and other couples and feeling really bad about yourself. You look around for people who you think can be single but it’s all too confusing; you can’t tell. Then you realize people only look good right now and might look worse the next day. You go fetch some bhelpuri for yourself. But now you wish someone would share it with you because it’s too much to eat. You feel the bad feels and you can’t find your friends.


At the movies:

Pros: You can watch absolutely anything you want. Any movie you like. Go ahead! Pick your choice! That flashy rated-A movie with that hot sexy model in it? Sure! That action packed crime thriller with exploding cars in it? Yes! That super girly chick flick with that expressionless cute lead? Uh, if you like it sure! Nobody has to tell you what to watch! And no sharing your popcorn! And no one to disturb you. Muahahaha.

Cons: You are a single person at the movies. Its cold in there and there is almost always a romantic side-plot in every movie. Burn. Better call your friends…wait, you can’t. It’s a movie theatre, you can’t use phones.


At a restaurant

Pros: No food sharing. You get whatever you want to without having to feel insecure about what you’re eating (an onion and garlic-filled club sandwich or two plate of biryani. No problems) or about courtesy in general (like I said no food sharing. Or proper manners). You slap up jokes during meal. Have gassy drinks. Submit to the effects of those gassy drinks (if you know what I mean). Or just be quite and undisturbed. Your call!

Cons: It gets boring pretty soon. You are nowhere near to finishing your food and the couple on the next table is having an interesting conversation about their favourite holiday locations which gets blasted on your ear. You can hear them laugh and the single rose in the vase and unlit candles on your table mock your single status. You want to leave. Better call your single friends!


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