Professionals From Nikon Guide Photography Enthusiasts In DAV

Pixels, the photography club of DAVC and PU Mirror in association with Nikon organised a photography workshop in DAV College, Sector 10 on November 16th, 2016. It kick-started with Dr. Harmunish Taneja, the teacher in charge of Pixels, presenting a bouquet of gratitude to Rohit Gupta, who is working with Nikon India as a Sr. Technical Officer since 2014. He comes from an Information Technology background of having spent more than 16 years and has worked with premiere institutions. He is a self-taught photographer and has been passionate about photography since 19 years. Gupta has achieved brilliance in the field and looks forward to help others attain the same brilliance.
The workshop was a slideshow, which was being explained by Rohit Gupta, himself. It consisted of all the information regarding camera operation and photography. It explained everything from aperture to white balance, from ISO to how to click the perfect click.
Pixels and PU Mirror got on the same platform to help the budding photographers from not just DAV but around the city to brush up their skills and learn from the best in business. The workshop was organised in the light of a photography competition.
Volunteers from Pixels and PU Mirror got along with the guests and showed avid interest in all that was being taught by the experienced Nikon representatives. The photographers who attended the workshop knew more than the basic information about photography and camera. Gupta said, “The workshop was great and all the photographers are quite talented and he was looking forward to see them in photo-walk.”
Everyone had a great experience and will be looking forward for more such workshops.
About the Author:
Dipesh Jindal (DAV College 10)

Dipesh Jindal
(DAV College 10)

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