Procaffeiation: Its All About Coffee


Hey there! If CCD, Starbucks and Barista are your favourite places to be, and you could get drunk on caffeine (If that were possible), you’re at the right article.

Most of us love coffee, and in fact we need it so badly these days. It’s like, our veins circulate caffeine instead of blood. But how much do you really know about you favourite drink, the coffee you think you can’t survive without?

Don’t worry, I’m here at your service, to educate you with some interesting facts about coffee.

    • Did you know, coffee is the second most traded commodity? Yes, you heard it right. How much is your expense on coffee per month? Right there!


  • Coffee was originally food. As far as you remember, you’ve been “drinking” coffee, right? In early times, people used coffee to eat.
  • Any fitness freaks reading this? Good news for y’all. Sipping on coffee, or rather eating powdered coffee raw prior to your gym will act as a booster for your energy. As a result, you’ll be able to lift more weight, and lure more girls.
  • Coffee is actually a fruit. I bet you didn’t know this one. Coffee actually is a berry like fruit, seeds of which are used to extract coffee.


  • You can overdose on coffee. Don’t believe me? Google!
  • To my girls on their periods, this is no new fact that, coffee is your best friend. Agree, don’t you?
  • Adding milk weakens the effect of caffeine. So if you too (like me) are warned by people about your coffee intake, no need to bother. Drink however much pleaseth you.
  • Just smelling coffee can wake you up. You love coffee so much you can actually wake up to it’s aroma. Raise your hand if you can smell it already.
  • Decaf doesn’t mean free of caffeine. You’ve been lied to if you didn’t know this already. But now you do.
  • Originally, coffee means wine. So, coffee covers up both your caffeine and wine urges in one.


So, you’ve made it to the end of the blog? Thank you for making it all the way through. You have been an amazing reader. I know I can safely bet that you know your favourite drink a lot better now.

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Gaurangi Gupta (DAV College 10)

A writer and poet, currently pursuing psychology honours. I love to watch Netflix and to read as much as I can. The goal is to never stop learning, because that’s when we hinder improvement and growth.
I also sing and play guitar and I’m an automobile enthusiast. Weaving words empowers me and helps me communicate my ideas with people and help them gain a perspective which challenges their own.

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