Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas- Age hypocrisy

In a recent Instagram brawl of mine, harsh words regarding the double standards among the Indian population were exchanged. While one delirious page admin had the guts to post a picture of PC with her new love interest, Nick Jonas, inviting his strange and immature followers to ‘caption’ the picture.
You can imagine what happens in a country where one step in a different direction by a Desi Girl is taken, contempt is sure to follow. So obviously, I being such a huge fan of this self-made queen had to defend her honour and decisions (which honestly should not be anybody’s matter of interest).
Harsh words were exchanged. Sexism at its finest form was visible in the comment section. While one of the men had given the picture a ‘caption’ of “Maa aur uska bichda beta. Be careful not to lose your children.” I had to step in and intervene. With a determined mindset, I placed my thumb on the Google Keyboard and defended my favourite Bollywood actress by writing a comment that was not regarded greatly by the Indian men scrolling down the comment section. Aise to Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt ke liye bhi bolo, buddhe aadmi ne kara apne se aadhi umar ki ladki se ishq. Savdhaan rahien, satark rahien. The very crime petrol like ending was both funny in my mind and witty (I’m humorous like that).
Now after this, a lot of back and forth comments started and this led me thinking: Why do men in India stand against elder women dating younger men while considering the opposite of that to be perfectly normal? I remember the time when Shahid Kapoor had decided to get married to a girl younger than him by 14 years and instantly they had been labelled as the ‘AWW COUPLE.’ Though of course, they must have received some criticism yet it was not at par with what Priyanka has to endure.
Seeing the comparison between the reactions of people from India and abroad is completely baffling. The difference in opinion will leave you perplexed. While the people from the West would be talking about how ‘strong and independent Priyanka is and she would have been able to do better than Nick’ or ‘she must have found something different in him to be with him,’ the comment from the Indian people seemed to just criticize their own actress.

Ah! The harsh reality of being a female in India. Whether you are a celebrity or not, sexism and misogyny will always follow you.

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