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Gone are the days when cycles used to be among the most coveted presents a child could ask for. Evenings were spent in the company of friends, cycling and fooling around. And admission to college meant, getting a new cycle ( or that’s what my dad tells me at least). Unfortunately, cycling seems to have vanished from everyone’s lives and the only form of cycling people partake is in gyms. Driving up to a gym, in order to stay fit… the irony ! All of this despite the fact that we are instantly charmed by  visions of the French actress cycling around, with their windblown hair and…. you get the idea.

To change this perception, one man took the onus on his shoulders, to re-educate the youth about the wonders of cycling .
Prince Mehra, a record holding cyclist has been cycling around the nation since 1990, promoting the dual ideology of good health and a better environment.

Recently, Mr. Mehra happened to be in Sector 17, Chandigarh at the Himalayan Art Gallery where he sought to promote cycling through art and painting. His sheer will and determination to guide the youth towards a better future has earned him several world records and awards including the Green Idol Award Punjab and Chandigarh as well as a place in the  Limca book of records , just to name a few.
Not just that, he has also started a bird ambulance to help the winged creatures. What A truly unique concept!
We hope Mr. Prince continues to inspire us and the rest of the youth for a long time to come and spread his message all across the world.

Picture By Vikas Gupta (PU Campus, UIET)

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