Prem Ratan Mat Jaayo (SPOILERS AHEAD)

So once again Bollywood fails to impress us and to be precise, by bringing to us PREM RATAN DHAN PAAYO ,bollywood’s depressed us to another level !
Its the story of ‘Prem Dilwale’ (Salman Khan) , Yuvraj of Pritampur -Vijay Singh (Salam Khan again!) and Princess Miathli (Sonam Kapoor). The two royals are to get married and Prem is a look alike. When Vijay Singh  meets with an accident thats been planned by his envious brother (Neil Nitin Mukesh), Prem the look alike is brought in to fill his place till the Royal Raj Tilak Ceremony takes place . Followed by a series of stupid events ,including a football match on a royal speech ceremony day! Also His Highness has two little step sisters who despise him through out the movie , but eventually everything falls in place; thanks to the look alike Prem ,who fixes all the royal issues and this sums PRDP for us !
  • Thats all.
?Theres no acting in the movie,there’s just pure OVER ACTING.
?Its a very ,very Stupid story.
?Waaayyyy too many songs .
Its a full fledged ‘Three Hour’ movie and to be honest, the first three minutes tell you what you’ve gotten yourself into.Its taken us hours and hours to realise whether the movie had songs OR the songs had a little bit of movie in between. It is basically a set of dialogues fit in between songs. Prem Ratan gives you everything you’d expect from a Rajshree movie, its cheesy and melodramatic with too much over the top acting. There’s sanskar,there’s rasam, there’s parampara and there is badla. But there’s a lot of confusion as to who they wanted to take badla from, US ? Its pure bad and no matter what CHUCK it!!!
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