Pre and Post workout Supplements


A well-designed workout program will systematically stress the body and giving your muscles a message they have no choice but to grow. You decide the volume and the frequency and if you often run out of energy; you will end up being depleted, here is a quick note how to deal with the fatigue and heaviness during the workouts.


  • Pre-workout Supplementation:

Before heading to the gym, one has to be both mentally and physically prepared as well as active. Therefore pre-workout supplement has to be up-to the mark so as you can meet the micro-trauma that occurs during the workouts.


  • Creatine:

Elevated Creatine levels promote increase in strength and power during workouts, with less time needed for rest. A lot has been said and researched about creatine but it has always stood winner and has no side effects whatsoever. Having a surplus of creatine around provides working muscles with extra substrates for the production of ATP.


  • BCAA(Branched Chain Amino Acids):

Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine are stored in skeletal muscle, where the body consumes them and produces energy during intense workouts. Sipping BCAA during workout can delay fatigue and allows you to go hard on weights.


  • Caffeine:

When it reaches your brain you can feel a lot more alert and active at the same time. So, if you are feeling stressed out or lethargic, caffeine can help you get that adrenaline rush the one you are always looking for.


  • Post workout supplements:

Just like pre workout, post workout supplementation is also very much important as it will help you recover from the trauma which you have received after smashing the gym.


  • Protein and fast digestive sugars:

Protein is ideal for recovery, as it has high levels of BCAAs and also spikes insulin levels. Elevating insulin post-workout enables greater transportation of glycogen and other nutrients into muscle and hence promoting faster recovery. It is also recommended to take fast sugar as it can boost insulin after training.

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