Pramod Beri: The Perfect Scorer


Pramod Beri became the talk of the town post the declaration of Common Admission Test (CAT) 2017 results on Monday. Scoring a perfect 100 in the CAT exam, Pramod is a student of third year pursuing BCom from GGDSD College, Sector 32, Chandigarh. Being one of the 20 candidates who have scored an overall 100 percentile, Beri pours his heart out on his feat, preparation and future plans whilst in conversation with PU Mirror.

Let’s have an insight into what he has to share with all of us:-

  1. What was your preparation mantra for CAT 2017?

Regularity was the main focus of my preparation. One needs to have hands on experience with important and tricky questions along with confirmation to the fact that you have a regular touch with the course material so provided. Also, mock tests (give at least 30) are the best option to improve upon your mistakes. “I started giving mocks in January 2017 making sure that I have ample of time to ameliorate. I used to spend my entire day analyzing the test and did not proceed further until I was satiated with the result and analysis”, said Beri while reminiscing his days of coaching from a private coaching centre.


  1. Apart from bookish knowledge, what according to you plays an important role in getting a good score?

Awareness is the key factor along with apt mentorship from an institute or an individual having an experience of such competitive exams. Also, avid focus on reading newspapers along with an ability to stay calm and composed in such exams helps you fetch better results. While sharing his experience of the exam day, he said, “Don’t just lay stress on your mock scores, even I never scored a 100 percentile in a mock. So, just let your brain develop a simple framework of all that you have done and do not cluster or do extensive preparation on the day of exam.”


  1. Who has been your major source of inspiration throughout?

“Those who were scoring better than me in mocks were undoubtedly a major source of guidance and motivation for me to put in more efforts”. Pramod’s sister who has done an executive MBA course from IIM Calcutta was one of the strongest pillars of support during the time when he suddenly started scoring less a week before the exam In November.


  1. Any specific tip for the students while attempting such competitive exams?

Remember, it is a management exam. So, hard work does not matter as much as smart work. One needs to be cautious while managing the whole exam along with ensuring the fact that you focus on quality of content and material rather than quantity during your preparations”.  With a strong aim towards improving the sections that he lacked at, he went on solving several questions related to it.


  1. What’s your take on your future prospects and plans?

Presently, I am aiming for ABC-IIM Ahmadabad, IIM Bangalore and IIM Calcutta. Also, my long term plan is to start up with my own business, so let’s see what the future has in its veil for me”.


Having performed excellent in all the sections of the test, the Phagwara boy coaxes all to focus on their weak points along with being confident. With a vision to reach to the pinnacle of whatever field he chooses, Pramod prefers to stay grounded and determined to achieve more.

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