Prabhjeet Garcha: From Cluttered Speech to Centre Stage


Prabhjeet Garcha, a student in Panjab University’s Department of Computer Sciences and Applications, is a well know anchor in the PU festival circuit with a repertoire that can match nobody’s. He is an actor turned model, turned anchor who was probably destined to be an all-round entertainer.

He started his career through theatre in school, that later on became a building block for his whole career. In college, he started modelling; winning various titles like ‘Mr. Panache 2k16’ and ‘Mr. Goonj 2k15’. In university, he grabbed the opportunity to anchor various major events like Jhankaar, Agaaz, Goonj, Scitron and most TEDx Panjab Univarsity.

However, his journey has not been easy. As a child, he suffered from cluttering, a speech and communication disorder. He stuttered through his childhood but eventually found a way of battling it with his ideology of ‘if you can believe it and you can perceive it, you can achieve it’.


  • Tell us about your various projects as host/anchor? 

I started anchoring by hosting a flash mob for my own department’s fest ‘Epsilon 2017’, in Student Centre, PU. Then I got a chance to host a few small events under Jhankaar and finally got a big break when I was asked to host the star night of Garry Sandhu in ‘Jhankaar 2017’. After that I hosted ‘War of bands’ in ‘Agaaz 2017’ and along with that I hosted various poetry events in the tricity like ‘The Anonymous’ and ‘Shab-e-Furkat’. I even got a chance to host the living legend Gurdas Maan in the ‘Tradefair 2k18’. In PU, I’ve hosted a series of major fests like Goonj (Prabh Gil, Gurjazz, Jas Bajwa star nights) and Satinder Sartaaj Star Night in ‘Scitron 2k18’. Recently, I also hosted the TEDx PanjabUniversity.


  • How did you discover this unique field of hosting/anchoring? What made you stay?

Having a speech problem, I never thought I could be an anchor or a good public speaker. Surprisingly, one day, I got a call from one of my seniors of my department to host the flashmob of DCSA department fest Epsilon because they had no anchor. Since this was something related to my passion of theatre, I grabbed the opportunity. Destiny had chosen this for me and so I got selected for the Jhankaar Star Night which took place few days after that. And so, I discovered the anchor in me.

The thing which made me stay was the thought that through this I would possibly be able to fight my speech problem. By staying more on stage, I thought I would find more ways to handle stuttering and fumbling on stage because I firmly believe that warriors are made during wars and not during practices. Practicing in front of the mirror during my speech treatment helped me recover only by 15%, by anchoring on stage I recovered by 70%.


  • Do you plan to branch out to other fields?

I started theatre in my school days and that has been the building block for what I am today. I participated in modelling during my college days and had won ‘Mr. Goonj 2k15’ and ‘Mr. Panache 2k16’. Along with this, I have directed 3 short films on YouTube and have also posted many monologues on Facebook. I have also acted in three plays and 6 short films, out of which one of them was with White Hills Production. I have also acted in a Government Advertisement for the Swach Bharat Campaign which will be released soon. I am also playing a main role in an upcoming short film ‘Life: A diary with one page’ which also will be released soon and is currently competing in various film festivals and has also won first prize at Drishyam Law Fest 2018. So, I have tried almost all fields related to media and entertainment. All of them have their own taste and their own pattern.


  • What is the most interesting event that you have hosted so far which you consider to be a big achievement? 

Every event is interesting in some way or the other because each show or event has a different format. Some shows are musical concerts while some are poetry events. The performers as well as audiences are different. The most interesting one though was Garry Sandhu Star Night because I got stuck outside the entrance due to the huge crowd. I couldn’t enter backstage. As the show was getting delayed, coordinators had to send 3 bodyguards to help me enter. Other participants thought I was some renowned anchor because of the entry I made. I was given immense respect. However, my biggest achievement was hosting the living legend Gurdas Maan because I have been a huge fan of his since childhood. I got to watch him perform live from stage. I consider it my biggest achievement.


  • What’s your advice to all the young people suffering from speech impairment who want to overcome the problem?

This question is something to which every speech patient wants an answer. I got to meet Mohammed Al Qahtani during TEDx Panjab University which I recently hosted. He had also suffered from stuttering during his childhood days and today he is the world’s best speaker. His view was that to overcome a speech problem, is to start speaking in public, no matter if the audience is of one or thousands.

My advice is to start from a low scale like giving a presentation in class, speaking to your friend’s group, hosting a birthday party or an engagement party in your family. You may feel low in self-esteem at first but trust me, once you see the growth in your speech, you will be appreciated. So, instead of focusing on the problem. Focus on the solution and if I have overcome it, anyone in the world can do it. Public speaking is a fear for all speech impaired patients. So, either you overcome your fear or let your fear overcome you. Choice is yours.

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Bhavika Gupta (BDS, PU Campus)

Bhavika is a typical and proud Delhite in Chandigarh who is outspoken about her opinions and beliefs. She is a passionate dog lover and can’t, for heaven’s sake, decide if she loves coffee more or tea. As someone who can’t say no to new opportunities, she loves to meet new people and takes on ever new task as a new adventure. She likes to vent out through poetry too. 


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