Potter Mania: ‘Order of Merlin’ Takes Center Stage Once Again

The wizardry gang of tricity, Devisha Manocha, Athira Jamwal, Anay Dhiman and Varun  Batra hosted the second edition of the Order of Merlin at S-Cafe Bar on April 2, 2017. The event was attended by nearly many wizards and Muggles where the younger wizards were mostly school students.
This event was a continuation of previous ceremony that saw a very enthralled crowd in attendance. Students were given the letters of acceptance and were sorted in the four Hogwarts houses, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. 
q1The order comprises of Anay as Head Auror, Athira as Deputy Minister of Magic, Devisha as Deputy Headmistress and Varun as Minister of Muggle affairs. As soon as kids entered the S Café, they were given a letter of acceptance, along with a map of Hogwarts and the sorting ceremony began momentarily on the basis of a questionnaire. The questionnaire assessed the characteristics of people and placed them into four houses. The magical Sorting Hat was placed on each new student’s head during the Sorting ceremony and the Sorting Hat announced the house the student is to join.
Houses at Hogwarts are both the living and learning communities for its students. Each year group of students in the same house shares the same dormitory and many classes. But since that is not practically possible, so there are separate WhatsApp groups made for each house to stay connected. It was the second event of series of entire school year. Apart from the sorting ceremony, there was an Open Mic where students of each house performed. There were Harry Potter signature dishes, themed music and drinks too.
Jashan Chopra, a student of 4th year UILS Panjab University told Mirror, “Initially I felt a bit left out since all the people in event were quite young in comparison, but later on I started enjoying the event when the sorting ceremony began. I was sorted in Ravenclaw and head of our house, Athira did a fabulous job.”
Aditi Mittal, a student of MCM said that she is huge Harry Potter fan, and is so happy that she is sorted into Slytherin.

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