Remember the times when we were small? The time where there were no worries, no tensions. The time we lived our carefree innocent lives to the fullest. When even a small candy made us happy. When the world was a wonderful wonder. When we wanted to explore it, know things and ask questions?
Now we’re older, we worry about a million things and a lot of us can’t look over the negative side of the coin. Today we need a reason to smile; and no reason to cry.
Today we’ve changed.
But, let me tell you a secret.
A beautiful secret.
We’re still the same ; Deep down. We’ve just stopped listening to our hearts or started asking the wrong questions. Our mind thinks that there’s things to be worried and hence we worry. Our mind thinks we don’t have what we need to be happy. But look around..
It’s a beautiful world and we live beautiful lives! Yes, admittedly there’re troubles too. But what would our life be without trouble?  It’d be boring. Trouble is what makes us stronger and brings us together.
We’re still the same guys! We don’t need a reason to smile! The fact that we”re living our life is enough reason! We’ve got all, that can make us happy; we just have to look in right places. We don’t need to worry about anything.
Just hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Be positive.
“Our thinking rules our world”
Stay happy! Smile!
Make this world a better place.
(Yes, you alone too, can make a difference)
Believe in yourself.
And tackle all your problems with a smile and a thumbs up.

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Raahat Sarpal

Raahat Sarpal (SD College)

 Luck favors them those who work hard. Hi I am Raahat Sarpal quite creative and a passionate writer.. I write what i feel or what is happening around me. For me its more important earning knowledge that bucks.. A great learner today will surely be some huge earner tomorrow; that’s what i believe


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