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Popcorns and cold drink are dear to your tongue hell much. But there’s something that adds to the charm of this salivating combo. Make some guesses in mind. You can, yes you can! No? Okay let me drop in some hints. Browse through the bang-ons’ of the box office. You are there, purely. I’m talking about those gem-creations of bollywood that never fail to bring floods of laughter in the house, and it’s so pleasing that you end up watching them over and over again.

Even if you are thick-stressed about something and suddenly you see a channel popping up with any of your favourite bolly-movies, you are bound to feel all giggly and fresh in like a quickie time. Let’s talk about some of our favourite hit creations that have truly loaded our lives with  everlasting smiles and colossal-elongated laughters –


  • Welcome:


‘HA-AHA-AHAHAH’ okay, my apologies. The name itself welcomes huge amount of laughter. So I just couldn’t help laughing. The movie is bathed in ultimate comedy and the brilliance of the cast, is what makes it a super-duper-hit. The movie also throws light on the goodness of heart and the end voices out the might of good over evil. So definitely in a loud voice I’ll roar it, “Welcome is my favourite and I loving Akshay Kumar.”

  • Singh is King- 


Another one by Akshay Kumar that slayed the box-office by its extraordinary element of comedy. The movie not only had nuggets of delicious humour, but was also wrapped in a profound amount of emotions. The perfect sync of love and laughter creams the creation with excellence, thereby fetching truckloads of love from the viewers. Also, you all will hail the fact- Punjabis just never fail to win the hearts. Akin to it, did the movie’s theme. The songs of the movie also make unbeatable melodies.

  • Jab We Met-


My heart will never get over the eternal hangover of this movie. Kareena has been the apple of eye in the whole 2-hour-power-package. The train-scene, in fact the whole movie, is a comic thriller winning hearts since its birth. Shahid too dazzles with his chocolate-boy looks. And you see the influence Kareena managed to have on girls. It usually happens that the dubsmash videos catch favourite scenes from the movie and trust me, they are the most recorded one by the audience. Basically, ‘Jab We Met’ is *lots of red hearts*.

  • Bhool Bhulaiya-


What a class blend of everything this slice of truffle-cake is (the movie is that yummy grand)! Total love, I must say. Some scenes are so full of the clicking humour, that you just explode with thunderous kind of laughter. Salute to the actors, they just inflate the movie with their skills. Vidya Balan proves her sense of talent in the best fashion. And Akshay Kumar has been ruling the comedy kingdom, so the point blossoms here itself.

  • Queen-


How many times have I watched this movie? 100? No, let’s leave. What a wonderful plot, what gorgeous strength and applause to the whole knit creation! There’s something unusual about this marvelous piece that manages to bring a very shining smile to our face. Rani’s innocence, or maybe that humour her innocence stems forth; whatever it is, it’s mind-blowing and we all admire it for the positive vibe it imparts. Fabric of pure laughter it features.

  • Housefull-Wonder-Series- 


How can I miss on this spectacular comic conception! The gigantic cast just casts a spell on the laughter-cells of the body. The songs, the spontaneous dialogues, the plot and everything else is purely enchanting. ‘LOL’ echoes with every funny scene. And I guess the series will continue to remain a classy laughter factory.

  • Chup Chupke-


Another groundbreaking comedy draped marvel, is this ‘Chup Chupke’. I seriously adore the director for such work, because it is a written fact that it manages to bring jolly-air in the dungeon. All those plan of catching up with the latest movies in cinema-hall, call off, if you have them stashed well in your laptop. And it’s a delight when you grab it on any of the channels, unexpectedly.

  • Dhamaal-


‘Woah-kind-of-work’ it is. The stars manage to justify the meaning of comedy filthy well in the movie. The relaxed but catchy plot, the dialogues and the whole fun runs throughout the movie. It’s a brilliant comic web. If ever alone and hanging out with stress, all you need to do is switch the company, munch on something crunch and just get this movie to your rescue.

  • The ‘H’- slay-kings-


‘Hunagama and Hulchul’ are two other comedy beauties that just make you fall in love with laughter for a while. The funny atoms that constitute the movies are worth several watches. Glued to them, you might find yourself and ones you are familiar to, in the taste of madness.
Amidst these days of stress, we all crave for a few minutes of happiness. They root out for us the simple room filled with mad-laughter. Catch up with any of these movies and I’m sure you will feel better. Better like, you might plant loads of popcorns on your floor or get a line of empty bottles of cold drink on the table. Believe me ‘cause you’ll be addicted.

Have a nice weekend, sit on your couch, laze away the hours in pyjamas and just rocking around, my homo sapiens.

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