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The surging debate over the ‘Khoon Ki Dalali’ comment by our very idiosyncratic Mr. Rahul Gandhi, has reiterated the common impression of how he has been insistent on embarrassing, humiliating and wrongly representing the Indian folks. Sadly enough, when the other politicians in the country feel that his insensibilities aren’t desperate enough to make a quipster of this country, they are always available, standing rock solid by his side, helping him make India to the top of the list of the most chaotic countries in the world.

These people, in their utter ignorance perhaps, aren’t conscious of the fact that their immoral views, callous statements, loutish behavior and inimitable charades are taken as the country’s stand on the world platform. Unaware or perhaps purposely, they delve into political controversies, shamelessly sit in front of the camera on media channels, divulge their disgusting self through the hopeless tirades of speeches, mock the opposition parties, make personal retorts and jibe at those who are equally as horrifying as them. All this is misconstrued to be the general Indian behavior. Imagine the world thinks that you are another Rahul Gandhi, or another Lalu Prasad Yadav (who has very confidently compared Bihar’s roads to Hema Malini’s cheeks!)

Imagine this very horrid misconception!

Fortunately, the sting of our wounds is mitigated by the existence of certain foreign men who to an extent, glorify India with it’s wretched, brain-free politicians. The honorable and freshly elected President Donald Trump tops this list and our walk of shame is assuaged by this American’s horrific choice of words and hatred for non-white races. The amount of changes he has brought in since Day 1 is astonishing. Change is not bad at all! Change is indisputably good, that is, if it’s for the better. There has been a sequence of these ‘changes’, and every single one is more horrifying than the last.

To start with, there is a lot of difference between verbal and physical repercussions. Talking nonsense on camera is one forte that many politicians excel in but making such sudden policy changes is an altogether different thing. The first order Trump signed was to repeal Obama Care to minimize the economic impact of this Act (which grants insurance to all Americans), on the country.

Next, he fired all foreign ambassadors. Though it is not uncommon for the political ambassadors to resign at the dawn of a new regime- but it is unusual to have no replacements. We understand that being a part of such a marvelous legacy, he needs to make his own place in the White House, but these changes need not be planned follies!

Additionally, not only the citizens of America but also the rest of the world has time and again questioned his stance on climate change, of which his earlier references have been on his Twitter handle and are thus, inerasable. His new plan and take on climate change again makes no mention of the supposed ‘hoax’ that global warming is.

With a mind that encourages nepotism (he gave a position to his non-credited son-in-law in the Cabinet) and borderline racism, and ignores global warming, he has become the least popular President in 40 years! Some of his quotes are so disturbing and so demeaning (most of them against women) that it will be quite immoral of us to even print them! It definitely puts some of our politicians in much better light.

Maybe his policies and actions are intended towards the good of Americans, but for a country, that has been considered as the epitome of international integration so far, to suddenly stray away from the world’s view of America as the ‘Nation of all races’, it definitely raises a lot of questions and mixed emotions.

More so, in many of his interviews, he has been boastful, always stressing on how much money he has. He is a proud man whose wits are full of hot air. He has even backpedalled on his promise to “drain the swamp” of politicians and corporate power since his administration mainly consists of multi-billionaires.

To conclude, a man with no administrational experience whatsoever is harshly talking on matters and issues that concern national and international interests. His words speak of his pretentious mind that is unfortunately running one of the greatest countries of the world.

Donald Trump is the President of the United States of America!

I think we will be more willing to accept our Indian politicians now.

P.S. This article does not intend to propagate the ludicrousness of Donald Trump’s opinions on racism, nepotism or sexual assaults. This piece is an attempt to mock politicians who rise to power, with zero credited past and a clueless mental fortune.

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Nimrat (Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

(Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

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