Poetry: the best form of literature


In earlier times poetry was the only essence of literature know, while novel, prose and other forms came later into existence. Be it the longest epos “THE MAHABHARATA” that holds its roots deep in the Hindu religion, or the dramas of the world’s pre-eminent dramatist – Shakespeare, all  have roots dwelled from poetry.

As quoted by the great English romantic poet-William Wordsworth, “poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotions recollected in tranquillity.

Poetry is an outlet of what you feel or have experienced. It helps the thoughts hustling in your mind or the feelings beating through your heart, to be put into words.  It can draw you to an emotional roller coaster ride-you never want to get over. In fact everything around us is poetry- the voice of the galloping horse, the pitter-patter of the rain, chirping of birds, etc. All carry a story along, a story of its existence.

If you are in search for solitude – poetry is your port of call. Each word inked on the paper is guided by your feelings, your emotions, your inner whisper, that all lead to formation of a poem. You can express yourself by not being judged and not being caged into the barriers of limited imagination. i.e. it gives wings to your creativity. While writing a poem can relieve your heart, reading one can entirely change you as a person.  Also generally it’s not as big as a novel. Stating the fact that the shortest two word poem written till date simply reads “Come Home”. So if you can’t sit altogether reading  a book- poetry is for you.

A short sweet poem carrying feelings from the pitcher of your heart, can be the best cherished gift to your loved ones. Not only this, poetry also helps in sharpening your vocabulary, as you go through complex words and you get that urge within to know meaning of it.

Another best part about poetry is that you can sing it. The popular Punjabi song-   “Ek Kudi” from the movie Udta Punjab is a poetry composition of the legendry poet Sh. Shiv Kumar Batalvi. Also the most streaming video  on internet- “A Brown Girls Guide”  by Aranya johar, where she talks about gender equality by putting her powerful words in a rap, is also a piece of poetry.

Coming onto a conclusion, poetry is a perfect way to vent out your emotions-because when heart speaks, poetry happens.

Make your words a magic wand! Be Magic and Create one!

About the Author:

Devpriya Dang (PAU, Ludhiana)

Devpriya Dang is a poet, dancer, speaker an, artist and
a student of Punjab Agriculture Universiy, Ludhiana,
currently persuing btech biotechnology. When she is not
persuing academics excellence, she is either busy in
reading poetry or pumping her muscles up through
dancing. A complete family person, she believes in
greeting each face with a smile.
A state level dancer, Devpriya has also won many
awards in declamations and public speaking.
A strong and determined girl who believes in fighting
through the tough as a warrior, loves talking about
universe, souls and consciousness.


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