Play with the B-SCHOOL, before it plays with you!


Doing a full time MBA is a lot like going to a college. Except that following up the B-School, you realize that you’re older, you’re less insecure, you’ve got actual money to spend, you know how to hold your liquor(hopefully) and after the first semester or so, you know that grades don’t really matter and yes, the experience does!

For those of you who’re done with their two years, finally had some sleep and used everything they’ve learnt to find that dream job(or package), a big hats off to these ‘people of some other planet’. As for those ‘martyrs’, here are a few things you need to be prepared with to win the battle within the MBA program. 

An MBA degree, when compared with other master’s degrees, this one is designed to expand your skills and help change you into a competitive and professional manager. On the flip side, however, everyone including friends, family, and future employers have SO MUCH expectations from you just because you went to a B school. The best is to pretend that you DID NOT go to a B-School ever!


Most MBA programs encourage and require students to do summer internships and work placements in reputed companies. They are taught in a way that they are able to discuss, explore and solve real life business problems mostly through case studies. Unfortunately, long gone are the days when perusing Facebook and playing angry birds on your phone was a class routine! The MBA modules these days are in depth and fast paced. Rarely would we see MBA students casually lounging in front of the TV- there’s course work to be done.


The program of MBA offers a vast number of opportunities in terms of employment. It is a good option for those who wish to run their own business or work at high managerial position in large organizations especially. But, it is important to choose your goals and clearly define them before joining the program, because MBA may just not always help you in finding what you want to do, your passion and purpose in life and how you can bring about a change in the world. 

Though your progress may be fast tracked, you soon realize that the Zuckerberg/Jobs(other nerds to riches in 5 years or less) story isn’t going to be yours every time. 

For undergraduates, diversity may mean going to Chinese restaurants in their lunch breaks to have sweet and sour chicken. But in the corporate world, MBA people are required to maintain steady relations with multinational companies from all over the globe. And that take loads of hard work, experience and finesse.  

Harvard graduate, Azella Perrymanos shared on her blog, “Half of my friends are at a different job 18 months out than they had when they left school. Which makes me really question what the career services team gets graded on in terms of performance.”
Well, let’s just say that your big break might not be as soon as you expect. Yes, you are smart and you have potential, but experience is what companies pay up for post-MBA, and that takes time! One can’t leap frog experience by being a good listener or a quick learner. One simply has to DO, be exposed to different industrial changes and changing political situations.  Your first job(not to mention 2nd or 3rd too) can be totally a trial, an insight into your own blend of skills and capabilities. But eventually, you have to be an expert at something, because people want results, BEST RESULTS!
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Mihul Narad (MCM College 36)

Mihul Narad
(MCM College 36)

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